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I’ve had SOOOO many singers come to me over the years and tell me how they’re tone deaf, or they were told they were tone deaf and couldn’t sing on pitch. However, I’ve yet to see anyone that is truly tone deaf!

If you can hear one note and sing on pitch, then you can hear all of the other notes, and you can ultimately learn great vocal technique to sing on pitch every time.

40 thoughts on “You’re NOT Tone Deaf – How To Sing On Pitch – Roger Burnley Voice Studio – Tone Deafness”

  1. I have a question, that hopefully you can solve. As a choir conductor of a small group of ten (SATB) I have some difficulty with on soprano that not always stays on pitch. Although she is a good soloist most of the time. This sometimes results in a problem when singing a cappella songs. She doesn’t really hear that she’s making the song sound flatter and flatter when she’s doing small solo pieces in between the harmonies. She has had singing lessons before and isn’t tone death. But has definitely not the best hearing when it comes to keeping the right pitch. As I started looking for solutions on internet I found your channel. I definitely found some tips that could be helpful, but I find it difficult to find a workable solution on how to work on this whilst rehearsing with the rest of the choir. Also I’m not totally sure what courses the problem. Sorry if I’m being a bit vague, but all tips are welcome here.

    Thanks so much for your help.

  2. When I was younger I sounded more off-key than now. My mom graduated from a music school, she told me that I am better than before. But I did nothing to improve myself, it just happened. But I am still not correct, but sometimes my mom says I hit the correct note, but usually I am not, but I am close to the correct ones everytime I sing, I’m just not the perfect yet.

  3. I’ve been a drummer most of my life and you speak directly into my lack of confidence with vocals even though I’ve done back up here and there whwn I was younger. Ive noticed the longer I am involved with music the more inapiration is coming to me to write songs. Ide like to eventually record these tunes as thumbnails and not sound lousy to perhaps shop out the tunes. Anyway, your a great teacher Roger!

  4. Until what age can you go to a voice lesson!!
    Im 20 and i want to go but im embarrass to go. Do i still have a chance?
    Some say i have a nice tone but i just cant match my voice with the guitar. I can do it in piano a little bit.hehehhe

  5. Thank you! This is so encouraging. I am able to pick up guitar parts by ear, but whenever i try to sing, I am like an off-key frog. I am going to try what you suggested, thanks again!

  6. Fredrik Andersson

    anyone else getting these fucking tai lopez commercials that is put up like a year ago where he says i will put this video down very soon

  7. Please help me sir!!!!!!
    I always wanted to be a singer and am not that good but am not bad either but I don’t trust my voice and I have a very rough voice it doesn’t sound good even when I talk and I can’t sing along with background music but I can sing it without any music my own way can you please tell me what’s wrong with me??

  8. I feel so encouraged by your video. My voice is somewhat flat. I have believed for most of my life that I’m tone deaf. Or that’s what I was told by a school teacher at a young age. I never tried to sing again. I can now see that there’s a lot of improvement I can make make…even if it is only to sing Happy Birthday!

  9. Ahnootha Luhva

    That was freakin’ awesome. I could immediately hear the note in my forehead when I tried it. Like magic. Thank you!!

    I’ve been trying to sing for a LONG time, and I’ve made progress in things like breathing and voicing technique. In fact, I’ll just throw this out because I’m going through it right now. I’ve had bad shape to my spine for a long time, and a physical therapist just told me this technique that’s done two things: one, it straightens out my back. I have a kyphosis shape — the lower part of the middle back bends out too far. This breathing technique actually pulls my back right into shape, so it’s amazing, but it’s hard to explain. It might just be plain old diaphragmatic breathing, and “new” part to me was just the thing I was experiencing because my muscles were so completely out of tone in the region.

    So, it’s abdominal breathing, where the diaphragm is pulled down when breathing in — standard breathing for singing. So I breathed in and it was all good. Then when I breathed out, all the pressure in that belt that goes around the abdomen say just below the belly button (including the sides and the back. I push a couple fingers into that soft spot just above or actually in line with the top of the hip bone to find out if I’m doing it right. I’m trying to feel pressure pushing out against my fingers, and I want to feel that pressure the whole time, inhale and exhale), all that pressure would release immediately. The therapist told me to focus on that belt and KEEP THE PRESSURE OUT during the exhale.

    It felt very unnatural at first, because I felt like I was doing the same thing breathing in that I was doing breathing out. I don’t understand just what’s happening because it’s all very complex, but when it all lines up and I get it, my stomach flattens and my spine finds the correct alignment. Really dramatic difference. The other thing that happens is more control for breathing while singing. Before I learned this technique I would breath diaphragmatically, but I would release too much pressure on the exhale. I got a good amount of air and could hold a note (well, you know….) or whatever, but the pressure wasn’t there so the control was lacking. So I’m getting much better voicing with this technique.

    But, again, I don’t know if any of this applies to anybody that doesn’t have the same problem I do with my back. Most people might keep that pressure out habitually. Don’t know. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

    Thanks again for the awesome technique!

  10. TONE DEAF IS REAL … I have playing in this church for years with this choir and every time the same results there are people that can’t sing, you can’t save everybody.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...