Where The Boat Leaves From Zac Brown Band Guitar Vocal Lesson Bridge Verse and Chorus

Marko Coconut combines guitar and singing lessons using the popular song Where The Boat Leaves From by Zac Brown Band. In the first lesson, we learned the barre chords F#, C#7 and B7 along with the vocal melody sung during the first chorus.

In lesson 2 we learned to strum on each beat, learning to sing the first verse in time with the guitar playing.

Lesson 3 taught to play the rhythm with more feel, to better accurately match what Zac Brown originally played.

This lesson wraps things up with the Bridge, final verse and chorus.

Pick me up

Put me down ~ Down on the sand where its cool
Put me down ~ When I fall off my stool
Put me down ~ I’ll just sleep there til morning comes around

With sunshine and ladies and pina colodas
And Bob Marley songs that are playing
There’s a sound in my ear that I want you to hear
Soft tropical lips that are saying

So get away to where the boat leaves from
It takes away all of your big problems
You got worries you can drop them in the blue ocean
But you gotta get away to where the boat leaves from

The Strum and Sing Method combines guitar and singing lessons with popular music.

Each episode starts out easy, with the beginner student in mind. Teaching you to properly sing, first over basic chords, progressing through full orchestrations and intricate strumming patterns.

Let me know how I did. Do you have any suggestions for improvements?

Also, what songs would you like me to teach next. In Volume 1 of Strum and Sing, I will be teaching 8 songs. You can view a list of the songs I currently sing when I am on tour. The link is:

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