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How to Sing in Key: Pitch Problems – Do You Sing Off Pitch?

In this episode, master vocal coach Kevin Richards shows you a way to train to sing on pitch or sing in key better. This extremely simple exercise can get your singing songs in key and on pitch in just 10min a day.

Lots of singers have problems singing songs in the proper key or singing on pitch. Why do vocalists have these issues? Well, some singers lack an ability to visualize pitch in their brains before they sing the note. This disconnect can sometimes be severe (tone deaf) or mild. Sometimes people sing out of key or become “pitchy” as Randy Jackson of American Idol used to say a lot, because the notes they are singing either don’t have enough breath support, not enough resonance, too much vocal muscle strain or they have too much breath support.

Some singers sing in key perfectly in their chest voice but seem to go out of key when they sing into head voice; this is an issue of vocal strain. Do this exercise just 10 minutes a day for a few weeks and you’ll see the difference in your voice without much fuss.


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4 thoughts on “What is Anchoring? / Breath Support / Singing Lesson / Rock the Stage NYC”

  1. Great video! Long time fan of yours, your channel has helped me immensely!
    Quick question, you have probably covered this before but I wasn’t clear on
    this, can you add resonance and distortion to your highest notes without
    getting too thin/strained? One register all the way up or at some point do
    you have to lighten it up to keep going higher? Hopefully I phrased that
    clearly. Anyways thanks again for all of your videos, you’re great!

  2. Catherine Ramos

    Of course, there is a lot more to it than that, at least in terms of being able to sing effectively and easily in either case.

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