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40 thoughts on “Voicercise Free Voice Lesson How to sing better fast”

  1. esterlyne juing

    Hi Naomi! what a lovely name. I like it. I am so grateful that I found your
    video and I like the exercise you share with us. I use to sing for choirs
    in my church, and leading the praise and worship team…I think I am good
    in singing but there is period of time I don’t sing well. I am not dreaming
    too high to become a singer but I just hope I could sing better..if
    possible, I would like to maximize my voice…I don’t want to waste it…
    So hope you can help me how to sing better?…of course for His glory.Thank

  2. Marie Claire Nyirahabimana

    I Used To Sing When I Was 6, Just For Fun With Friends Joined The School
    Chorus In 4th Grade & Continued All The Way Up To 8th Grade. I Quit In 9th
    & Now I’m 16 In 10th Grade; I Really Want To Sing But I’m Shy & I’ve Always
    Wanted To Join Musical But I’m Afraid Of Singing With An Audience Because I
    Feel As If My Singing Is Not That Great I’m Looking To Improve Can You Help

  3. Hey im just starting to get back into singing and was looking for some
    advice, I used to be an above average singer (wasnt professional but
    noticeably better than “decent”) but one summer I got a horrible cough (my
    voice got at least 2 octaves lower than normal during this) I naturally
    have a higher voice (at least for a male) and found my singing voice
    favoured a more “the weeknd” or bruno mars style of singing, anyway during
    this period of about 2 weeks with this cough I would still sing since I was
    still able to control my voice a bit, but the problem is that after the
    cough wore off I havent been able to sing as good as before at the moment I
    would consider my singing as a little under average, I can still somewhat
    control which notes I TRY to hit *keyword TRY* I can sometimes still hit
    notes but always seem to sound fairly flat now…my voice has not changed
    (based on the fact when I speak I sound just as before this cough) but I
    just seem to have lost that natural control I once had, also my head voice
    is horrible now, any ideas on some exercises that may help or might this be
    caused by damaged chords?

  4. Hi if you don’t mind can I ask do you know any tips to make your voice more
    powerful smoother and like beyonces thank if you could reply that would be

  5. Hey. I want to start singing on YouTube and so I recorded myself and
    listened to it. My voice is really croaky. I asked around and I got told
    its because of puberty (I’m 15) and so I looked around and no websites
    helped at all. Is it puberty or is there something I can do about it? Thank
    you. :-)

  6. +Naomi T Kaye thanks for posting this vid. I use to sing a lot, when I was
    a kid and I had a decent voice for my age. Of course I stopped & hit
    puberty. Now that I’m older, is there still hope? I have trouble
    controlling my voice (fades out) being that I have terrible sinuses and

  7. I can’t sing at all and I’ve always wanted to but never could… even my
    family say I can’t sing and I was wonder if it’s possible I can become
    good?? would you know any videos/tips that could help me become at least
    decent at singing? 

  8. Thank you so much love! I’ve been a singer/song writer since I can remember
    but I’ve struggled on the strength/loudness of my vocals and could never
    afford voice lessons. This exercise helped me a lot. 🙂 

  9. Thank you so much for making this!! When I sang, It sounded all cracky and
    I couldn’t hit certain notes. But with all your advice I was actually able
    to sing pretty clear.

  10. +arianna lang As a 13 year old there is a LOT you can do! So many of the
    singers you know and love started their singing careers at your age and
    earlier. There is definitely a way to expand your range. I do agree that
    having a vocal range issue, is a big problem if you are trying to get
    noticed with your voice, in a talent show. But I can help you! I help
    singers with the vocal range problems you are having singing every day.

    The voicercise program, will help you have the certainty that you can hit
    the notes accurately. You’ll notice it’s much easier to hit your low AND
    high notes after you do the exercises one time. We can ship it out to you
    within 24 hours of your order, so you can get working on it before your
    incoming performance. Let me know if I can help in any other way. 

  11. I’ve done a lot of research into what exactly causes a shaky singing voice.
    And here’s your answer: If your voice is shaky while singing popular music,
    it means your singing muscles aren’t in good enough shape to be singing the
    songs your are trying to sing. Just like if you are trying to lift a weight
    that is too heavy for you, your arms will shake and give out underneath it.

    This is a big problem if you are trying to get noticed with your voice!
    However as soon as you get your Voicercise Home Vocal Training program and
    start doing the Voicercises daily you should notice a huge improvement in
    your shaky voice almost immediately. Got Check it out at voicercise. com. 

  12. Thank You for the good advice. Great job Ms. K.T. I can tell you have a
    beautiful spirit and want to help people. I will go to your website right

  13. Is hearing yourself sing and thinking it sounds horrible when others say it
    sounds good a common thing or do i really just sound bad and people are
    being nice?

  14. Hi Dan! My Goodness! That’s such a hard place to be in. I really feel for
    you! It is a bit common, and I’ll tell you why!

    It’s funny to me how we so easily accept criticism and agree with it and
    then so easily push away praise. I know you have a lot of attention on the
    problems you have singing the way you want, but that doesn’t mean that your
    voice is not beautiful to others!

    Too many times singers feel less because of criticism about their voices
    that created no help and now is only limiting your potential. It’s one of
    the things I would love to handle with you upfront. Then the next step
    would be to rehabilitate your 8 singing muscles. that can be done easily
    with the Voicercise Singing Kit, in just 15 minutes per day. Then with the
    online lessons I can help you sing the way you truly want to with
    confidence. Hope that helps! 

  15. Is there any way to improve voice coz I think it’s horrible. I’m already
    17, is there any chances to make it at least a little bit good? Out of
    tune, can’t hit the notes well and… I don’t know, maybe I don’t have any
    talent regarding to this thing (Music)
    Is it still possible to improve my voice?


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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...