Voice Lessons & Tips on Singing : How to Sing with Your Whole Body

Learn tips on how to sing with your whole body with singing and vocal training tips in this free online vocal coaching video clip.

Expert: Larissa Lam
Bio: Larissa Lam has almost 20 years of professional singing experience and has studied under top vocal coaches in LA. She has coached various singers for record labels and musical productions.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

40 thoughts on “Voice Lessons & Tips on Singing : How to Sing with Your Whole Body”

  1. What do you mean with with idiot?? Why would you say what i should have known before i write it? You can be the idiot =) duuhh

  2. she is helping and if you dont think soo then go to school because she is right
    your vocal cords just like every other musel is your body . so maybe think a little!

  3. Rachael Hawkins


    If you WERE a musician, you wouldn’t have said that.

    Professionals don’t even TALK the day of a warm concert…

    and yeah, faizhubbard is right; it IS a muscle, and it takes more than a minute.

    You just don’t appreciate your voice; and for that, I am sorry.

  4. TwiddleXTormenT

    I sometimes see my bro’s gf sing and she just sits flat on her but in front of the t.v. and oversings so badly, the summit of a mountain scould topple over. ): She sings really goo but TOO MUCH vibrato.

  5. Wow!I never saw it from that angle.Usually I stretch before I sing because when I sing solo my entire body is active and I don’t want to pull anything.Thanks Ms. Larissa Lam for that insight.

  6. i caan sinmg pretty good… but im afraid to sing in front of other people does anyone have ideas about wat i could do to gain my cofidence?

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise. You’re helping to put more good song and music in the world!

  8. @AntsinMehPants lucky you. I wish I could sing. When I try to sing I sound like a retarded camel with a hint of a cows moo.

  9. Raquel Jackson -Jones

    How come your videos don’t have numbers? Like Voice Lessons 1 for example. Thanks for the videos btw. I’m just saying lol

  10. badr tazzuzuszemmer

    when i saw the title at the right Voice Lessons & Tips on Singing : How to Sing with Your Whole and i thaught singing whit your hole :d

  11. badr tazzuzuszemmer

    i know what helps first get a rope make a luss put your head trought it so its around your neck bind the orhter side to a horse its leg and slap on the horse its ass

  12. Rachael Hawkins

    @Hathelikov I made that comment a year ago…The Professional i was talking about was Celine Dion. Unfortunatly, most people talk all the time even if they are singers. I am repeating what my voice teacher told me and that was to talk, yell, and cough less. It would keep my vocal chords smoother. hence, Celine Dions flawless vocals. I don’t know ALOT compared to a music major alot but I was in my High Schools top Accapella group (TOPNOTCHERS) and I can read music. I think I know a thing or two.

  13. Rachael Hawkins

    @Hathelikov And you act like it. Im not going to argue with a 15 year old. I have nothing to prove. I know what’s good for my voice and you know what’s good for yours. 🙂

  14. i found that your lessons are useful and in other side for the bad comments written on the wall i think there are afraid that you are helping a new singers to rise up so keep it on thank you 😉

  15. Well, I think I don’t sound very good in the morning, because I usually sing when I get ready for school and I was wondering if this is the reason why I don’t sound as good as after school because I haven’t really done anything with my body really. Thanks!

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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