Voice Lessons & Tips on Singing : How to Sing with Your Diaphragm

Learn tips on how to sing with your diaphragm instead of your throat with singing and vocal training tips in this free online vocal coaching video clip.

Expert: Larissa Lam
Bio: Larissa Lam has almost 20 years of professional singing experience and has studied under top vocal coaches in LA. She has coached various singers for record labels and musical productions.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

40 thoughts on “Voice Lessons & Tips on Singing : How to Sing with Your Diaphragm”

  1. Kratos de guzman

    you do not sing with your diaphragm.diaphragm is used to get air through
    the lungs….you sing with your vocal cords….and when you talk or sing
    it’s not the diaphragm that controls it but the abdominals…..because you
    let the air get out of your lungs……

  2. I am good in singing exercise but while singing , I am using my throat
    without noticing . How do I know I am using my diaphragm ? while singing if
    I get Vibrato in my throat , Is it I am singing with my throat ?

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  4. O dear. I do wish singing coaches – this is what they are as opposed to
    teachers, would not keep on droning on about singing with the diaphragm.
    Would be singers, be aware. The movement of the diaphragmatic is an
    involuntary action over which we have no control; it is simply there to
    keep you alive. What people think of as the diaphragm is much more likely
    to be the muscles they can feel which are abdominals, obliques, perhaps
    some rib cage extension and the trapezium. However, if the valve is not
    working properly – that being your larnyx, nothing on God’s green earth
    will make you a better singer. Good breathing and the necessary ‘support’
    (a silly word, but I’ll use it because people seem to have some sort of
    conception what this is) come from good vocal production, not the other way
    around. Do breathing exercises all you want if it makes you feel good or
    you feel it’s beneficial – it won’t harm you, but you might as well travel
    to the South Seas and dive for pearls.

  5. Singing is an exhaling action. We can’t tell our lungs to make us sing like
    we want. Dude under me is right. Involuntary action. Some people have it
    and some don’t. After puberty, thats your voice whether you like it or not
    hah. There’s nothing special physically about someone that sings good. They
    are just gifted and probably genetics have a say in it. 

  6. You guys should check out Felicia Ricci’s YouTube channel. She demonstrates
    how to use your diaphragm and everything else you need to know about
    singing. She’s also very fun but you’re able to take her seriously because
    all she says REALLY HELPS.

  7. Yuval Bilgorai - יובל בילגוראי‎

    the difference between “throat singing” and “diaphragm singing”
    demonstrated in this video, actually demonstrated different resonance
    cavities. The first one (Throat) was using a lot of nasal and almost no
    The second one (Diaphragm) used the chest cavity, thus giving it a full
    lower range.
    The difference was caused by the position of the tongue and not by the
    We can’t physically push the throat, and we can’t physically sing from the

    we always sing “from” our vocal cords which are located inside the larynx
    within our throat, sound will always originate there. Unnecessary pressure
    in different parts of your body, can manipulate the sound and abuse the

  8. I always see these and don´t get the point. The first time she
    intentionally sings as bad as she can. And the second time she adds all
    those, um, don´t know what they´re called, “decorations” I guess, vibrato,
    some kind of fade in and out, but that doesn´t have anything to do with
    whether you are singing with your throat or diaphragm

  9. Some coaches say the diaphragm operates by reflex and its the pressure
    between the exhalation and the closure of the vocal folds that creates
    noise like a balloons opening being stretched to create the balloon
    squealing noise. The noise is modulated by the position of the larynx
    whether it’s high or low in the throat. Her bad example was the larynx
    being high, the other bad example was the larynx being lower but the
    diaphragm had little to do with the outcome. She just seemed to be showing
    off more than demonstrating in my opinion.

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