Voice Lessons – Singing Success Voice Lesson Part 3 – Connecting The Voice

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41 thoughts on “Voice Lessons – Singing Success Voice Lesson Part 3 – Connecting The Voice”

  1. Thks Brett! Useful!! — “Use 3muscular coordinatns, to brg explosive chg
    — 1) Pharyngeal, 2)Edge (chord closure), 3) Hoot.” The Lord’s hand is on
    your life & organisatn indeed! // PRAISE You Jesus. [[“The
    organisation/family/indiv who Reverences Jesus, are the ones who’ll find
    themselves in continued: Divine Favor, & a Peaceful Manifold-Blessed life.

  2. moderntommyguns

    i watched this over three times, and after the third time my voice were it
    would always mess up, it wouldnt! It felt connected without the
    scratchyness. I use to be able to sing really good and could do this
    without noticeing, then puberty happend and my voice was all over the
    place, now knowing how it working and all this helped so much, Thanks!!!!!!!

  3. can EVERYONE learn this ?? my head is filled with techniques from
    songteachers, so my brain follows those techniques even tho I dont want to!
    how can I remove those thoughts?

  4. dont remove it,forget it,dont practice the wrong techniques only the right
    ones (mainly singing success techniques) and just keep on singing with the
    love of music 🙂

  5. I’ve looked up so many vids about mixed voice, and I can’t figure it out. I
    have been told that I have a beautiful voice it’s a shame it can only get
    so high. whenever I try doing a mixed voice it sounds like a vocal fry, and
    I’m not trying to do a vocal fry. I need my mixed voice please help.

  6. Harshit Rajpurohit

    i m indian.. as per i know they have chest voice and mixed voice.. they
    dont have head voice concept.. and mixed voices are sung using compression
    and they sound like chest voice. and chest voice are from belly..

  7. Josias Contreras Reyes

    Hi, I’ve been practicing with mastering mix the last weeks and I have a
    little problem… I’m a male and my mix registre is about C5 to G#5 but
    when I’m singing in my chest I can’t connect it with my mix, I have a break
    between B4 and C5 and I want to know how to connect the mix and the chest
    without a break!!

  8. Josias Contreras Reyes
    You must try singing success 1.
    Because what you’re talking about, I understand that you have no more basis
    for working with mastering mix exercises

  9. This was interesting I guess, since I already know how to manage my
    range, but I find that it might just screw up your mind if you are trying
    to learn how to sing. . . then again it might not. Personally, I find
    singing a very visceral art, and for me, range comes from different places
    in my solar plexus, heart and even downward into my belly– range is linked
    to diaphragmatic breath support, but that is not how I started thinking.

    I started singing as a late beginner at age 18, I was told by the choir
    director to sing in my falsetto, since I strictly couldn’t manage singing
    alto in beginner choir as my range was all broken up. It worked and I got
    much better. I spent many years thinking I was a “soprano” and that was
    that. Only recently I have discovered my lower ranges. I find that all
    those classifications are really restrictive and stupid in some ways. On
    the other hand, accepting that I was just a stupid soprano, I only allowed
    myself to sing very softly in the pop-rock (alto-tenor ) range so I
    wouldn’t hurt my vocal cords. I never expected to be able to really sing
    down there, but one day, boom, magic, and all the pieces came together and
    now I have a real sense of the dynamics operating at the diaphragmatic
    level, but cords are important too.

  10. Sebastian Celesner

    Your vocal tips are very helpful. I’m in two minds between you and another
    course. Are there any videos where you coaches put all these concepts into
    practice in songs? I’d very much like to hear your method put into
    practice.Thank you.

  11. Starting from scratch with no mixed voice takes about 3 years to develop! I
    knew it! I’m barely getting some mixed going now after a couple years but
    then again my practice wasn’t consistent but I knew that there is something
    all these teachers don’t really share but in this case Manning did. it can
    take a few years not months to have enough mixed voice developed to sing
    one song. that’s like practicing for all that time without actually being
    able to sing one song yet. it’s frustrating at the bottom but I know it
    will pay off. Am I right or am I wrong?

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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