Voice Lessons – How To Reduce Tongue Tension – Jeff Alani Stanfill

This video is designed to teach singers how to reduce tension in the tongue. When the tongue is too retracted or stiff, it can create a tremendous amount of tension in the larynx. When the larynx has too much tension, it cannot tilt or pivot to bring in head voice.
I am presenting 3 simple exercises that will really help you free the tongue. Any of the exercises can be modified to suite your needs. You can sing an entire song on any of the 3 examples given.

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19 thoughts on “Voice Lessons – How To Reduce Tongue Tension – Jeff Alani Stanfill”

  1. This is fantastic information and guidance! Thank you Jeff!! Got the Voice
    Soaring CD DVD training program also, a great system for training and
    supporting my daughter’s voice!

  2. I love it!! You and I have extremely similar vocal qualities and I am
    gifted with the ability to copy sounds, so this lets me relax my throat and
    tounge while singing my ‘natural’ tone.

  3. Christopher “TheAbsentMindedProfessor” Phillips

    when doing the tongue #2 exercise, do we stick out the tongue enough to
    where it’s very relaxed because if i stick it out any further, it feels
    stiff/tight and fatiguing when doing the slide thing

  4. Christopher Phillips

    Where are you supposed to feel the vibrations/resonance when doing the
    pencil under tongue exercise? Is it from the mouth?

  5. Wow, thank you so much for all your videos they have really helped me! I
    hadn’t even realised my tongue was causing
    so many problems for me. Do you have any exercises for helping to stop the
    voice shaking when singing?, or even when I try to
    hold a note my voice often starts to shake

  6. Revery Glaube

    Your exercises are the most helpful I have found on YouTube. They have
    facilitated my warm-up routine tremendously. Thank you!

  7. is tongue tension going to be an even bigger problem if you’re tongue tied
    and if so can you recommend any solutions? (exercises, advice, etc).

  8. great practices. I expect them to be helpful because at the first try I
    immediately felt my tongue tension. however, what is not clear to me is how
    I can use this when actually singning. How to prevent the tongue tension
    while actually singing?

  9. He was understanding and told me that he’d always been able to sing effectively enough to avoid smirks, however determined to study to sing better.

  10. In order to get the ability you need, it is advisable to get accustomed to your chest voice (the ?gutsy’ sound in the lower a part of your vary) after which study to combine the 2 collectively to create a healthy, highly effective mix voice.

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