Voice Lessons 101 – Find your Key (Matt McCoy)

This lesson talks about Raising and Lowering the Key of a song in order to make it match the key you are most comfortable singing in. Many beginners (myself included) will hear a song on the radio and see the chords and start playing. Immediately they will find they cannot sing with the chords so they think they cannot play that song. This is not the case. You can simply use the methods I teach in this video to put the song in the key you want. The Song I am playing is called “Sanctuary” and I do a guitar tutorial here:

Obviously another way of changing the key of a song on the guitar is by using the capo. This method will allow you to play the same chords over and over while changing the key just be moving the capo to different frets along the neck of the guitar.

Both methods are great for practice! Don’t forget, Minor’s and Flat’s work the same way! an Em, would become and Fm, a Am would become a Bm and so forth.

Have a great day guys and God bless!


40 thoughts on “Voice Lessons 101 – Find your Key (Matt McCoy)”

  1. Firstly, chromatically covers twice as much ground, secondly, an
    alternative to playing a ‘different’ chord is to put on a capo, move it up
    one fret at a time and use the same chord shapes. Hope this helps.

  2. Once again…I Google a question and this pops up…Always finding exactly
    what i need from you.No way this is coincidence…Thanks Again

  3. Hey. I have 2 weeks to figure out what key I sing (preferably my best key)
    in before I audition for the adult worship team at my church. And learn a
    song from my church’s worship team. I know I can sing in A but C hurts my
    throat a lot and I lose my voice… Any suggestions for me?

  4. Your guitar is so pretty. I like it! I like my Taylor as well but I really
    want to trade it in to upgrade it to one that has pretty designs like
    yours! What wood is your Taylor made from? Im thinking about getting
    Rosewood or Koa in the future. last question: How do you know what key that
    you are singing in. If I transpose a song like “give my life to you” by
    elevation worship and the chords go from Am C F to C#m E A. I can hear that
    there is a key change and play it in the key change but I cant tell what
    key im singing in.. for either of them!! Can you help me figure out how to
    know what key i am singing in?

  5. How do you find the range of your voice I mean I know I am a middle E but
    how would someone who didn’t know how to find the range of voice?

  6. Diptabrata Saha

    What happened if some of the chords are in Minor shapes and in like Gm F D#
    D Gm … Then in this case how to find the suitable key?? PLZ help.. Thank
    u :)

  7. mcneillmama50

    You have put a lot of hard work into these videos. I appreciate the time
    you are taking to teach the rest of us.

  8. ViewtifulDaniel

    But if you raise all the notes/chords by one you jump 2 keys! As in this
    case from G-Major with 1 Sharp to A-Major with 3 Sharps :)

  9. matt thanks i have lots of videos on line usein the chourdbuddy i have had
    no experience at all till just over yr and 1/2 with playing or singing.i
    love to do it but not all that good.yes practice is the key,anyway thanks
    for this video let me tell you why,,ive been playing g,c,d,em only but i
    just got the same thing for ukulele and i was amazed i could pick it up and
    play it even thou it does not have those chords on it.i took one song i was
    playin and did ur chart it matches right.some how my ear knew to do this
    but i did not know why till right now…dont listen to neg.people on here
    people like me who dont know the correct way are learning from you.God
    Bless thanks edwin.

  10. hey god bless you brother.
    I play the piano and have a hard time finding what note somebody sings in.
    how do I know of I’m right. .

  11. always loved that song…i’m new at public singing…any advice on where to
    start vocal lessons etc…
    i dnt care to kno alot of rules…i just want to learn jus wut i need

  12. Personally if you are a fairly skilled singer (can sing I recommend trying
    out a half step before a full step..
    a half step can be dramatic shift…

  13. Accha Collisson

    Will this work for any variant. For example, if the chords you had there
    were Gm7 instead of G, would Am7 do the job of G? Also this tells how you
    how to raise the key but doesn’t explain what key its in. How do you figure
    that out?

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