19 thoughts on “voice lesson with alto”

  1. Victoria Hunters Mini Lessons from Her Short Story Writing Course

    I did this easily:0).Now i see why people say I have nice alto voice:0) I
    find it easier for me to sing tenor songs and deeper songs:0). do you have
    any tips for me?

  2. Montgomery School of Music

    KITKAT37399, in the thousands of hours I have taught, I have never had a
    woman go lower than the young girl in this video (which was shot a couple
    of years ago). It would be a blast to hear you sing if you are going lower
    than she!!

  3. Holy mother of God, I’m totally shocked. This totally scares me considering
    I’m a 30-year-old male and as a singer I can hardly A2 but tend to bottom
    out at E3 or D3 while singing. I Teach Keys, I’m sure most of your ladies
    only go as low as A3, G3 or F3, right? This girl has reached lower than me.

  4. Great range but she might be able to go higher or lower if she sat properly
    or stand when she sings. She could definitely improve her posture which
    would give her more support.

  5. Who cares about singing low? How about singing naturally and over time
    expanding one’s appoggio zone? Also, what about singing high?

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