Voice Lesson: Seth Riggs on Vocal Technique

Seth Riggs speaks about vocal technique in this interview with his student, Guy Babusek.

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22 thoughts on “Voice Lesson: Seth Riggs on Vocal Technique”

  1. @GwenDUff Brian Mcknight worked with Seth a LOT… and he’s still mixing… he just makes it sound amazing with his Beautifulll Tone. This technique stuff is only meant to give you a blank canvas to express musicality without inhibition/obstacle, Brian just brings massiveee colors and creativity to the canvas

  2. @GwenDUff Its easier for some ppl – its all in the approach of singing – the exercises take away tention and tension is only reason ppl have limited vocal ranges

  3. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC

    @GwenDUff – just meet me. I learned to sing the high notes of Steve Perry, Brian McKnight in full voice. I now teach it to others. There is a definite teachable technique to this method of high, full voice singing that’s been around for a long time. Combining Italian Bel Canto with Lindquest exercises did the trick for me. I call it “Speech Level Power”.

  4. Colin Arsenault

    Wow… Seth really does know the right technique. I always thought he taught some strange way of speaking-singing that is really quiet and weak. It’s just because the people he teaches are all screaming rock singers that I thought he just taught rock music. I think his students like Brett Manning still need to take lessons with him.

  5. yourmomgoestocollege

    100% correct…. I teach the same thing and so did my teacher and her father and her father taught the guy I studied with in Grad school and once told him that when they hear these sounds in the high voice artistic directors and other teachers will not know what they are hearing…because its a lost art. Lowered larynx equals fantastic sounds

  6. yourmomgoestocollege

    @RocktheStageNYC gwen, I sing opera and I havent met or know Seth Riggs but just from listening he is DEAD on.

  7. yourmomgoestocollege

    @Heihuchuan i wouldnt be surprised if he did. I have all his cds and heard the progression in his voice. Its most noticeable in the top…lol, dont go listening. Right now without someone giving you a vocal definition you might never hear it. Its that subtle of a change but a good one

  8. Marcel Yudaperwira

    Yes,I’m blessed finding these videos!!!! Thank you so much Guy!!! And thanks to Seth Riggs that he willed to make these videos. (^ ^)

  9. God bless you for this instructions..for teaching us singin..Seth..man with a good big heart..we have no good enoughh word..to say thank you..you too gbabusek

  10. This is FANTASTIC. I study baritone opera repertoire at the conservatoire and this amazes me. Why isn’t it taught? It would be very useful, especially for young singers

  11. Thank you Guy, and thank you Mr Seth Riggs. I got my first seth riggs book in 1992, shamefully I must confess I never did the exercises to the end, however whenever I do any Riggs exercise I feel refreshed. This is my new resolution, to master the Seth Riggs Technique in 2013.

  12. I purchased Seth’s book that includes 2 CDs entitled ‘ Singing For The Stars’. Within a week, i noticed an enormous improvement in my singing. It took less effort. No only that but i was hitting notes that I had never been able to hit before in my entire life. It’s excellent!

  13. One of the best teachers I have ever met. I went to his workshop in Jakarta recently, and boy was he so passionate that all of us watching were in total awe – he certainly knows his craft so well. When done correctly, SLS is really effective and can make you sing higher notes without having to yell, scream, or massively strain yourself, and not to mention accessing the mix will also enable you to sing at high intensities without ending up in pain or hoarseness.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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