Voice Lesson: How to sing Drake’s “Find Your Love” (How to improve tone)

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Hip-Hop artist Drake is widely known for his rap skills, but his smooth R&B vocals have contributed just as much to his success: His catchy hook in “Best I Ever Had” and his recent hit “Find Your Love” showcase his stylish vocal ability. In this video we’ll talk about simple techniques to help you find your own smooth R&B vocal tone.

42 thoughts on “Voice Lesson: How to sing Drake’s “Find Your Love” (How to improve tone)”

  1. Ahh man thanx a million seriously it helped me out soooo much!! And dude
    seriously u really are a star 🙂 I was just wondering would u be able to do
    a tutorial on how to sing like Craig David or Jay Sean??????? Thank u 🙂

  2. can you please make a tutorial of drake’s song Shut It Down, thats my
    favourite one.. i really want to larn it, i can’t sing but i allways learn
    something when i watch your videos, so please would you do that?? thanks
    man 😉

  3. @murderlaugher You should try his voice lessons before making such
    uninformed racist comments. Eric Arceneaux is one of the best vocal
    coatches you will ever meet in your life.

  4. @murderlaugher dude ur not funny get a life.hes black get over it. im black
    get over it. Hes better than you dont be jealous

  5. @plainwhitetsluver123 you know thats actually a really good idea. I didnt
    of that. I always think of ways for him to get famous. he could take x
    factor down.

  6. I’m 15 and I haven’t really reached that point where I’ve truly discovered
    my vocal range but from what I do sing I have a very “girly” high singing
    voice. Is there any tips on bringing that range down to even out the tone
    and make it sound more manly?

  7. This video is amazing you take the time to break things down and its easy
    to understand, Thank you.

  8. julia gallardo

    I’m a singer/songwriter…. believe me when I tell you that you are
    incredibly talented!! I stumbled upon ur page due 2 the fact that I have a
    voice more 4 pop n ballad, thus written many, many R&B SONGS. we should
    collaborate!! God bless!!

  9. Hunter Slaughter

    Its funny because I think that me and drake have the same range .but my
    range can go slightly higher.

  10. Hey Eric, love ur vids! A quick request: can u do a similar analysis of
    Usher’s vocal style? I’m not trying to imitate his cuz there’s only 1 Usher
    and his voice is like a walking museum of sound. I just would like to
    understand more of the technical side and appreciate his work even more.
    Thanks. Keep on doing what u are doing!

  11. i know that you probably have a tun of people asking for your attention…
    and im no different in asking this :/ but, could you please give me some
    tips to develop my voice to sing like Tank. I know i cant sound exactly
    like him because no two people have the same voice, but i do love his
    style- and i want to know how to skillfully sing in Tank’s style

  12. piorito bestdadever

    u are the best sing teacher i’ v ever had.I was good before i found this
    but now im shocked at how i sing now thank you sooo much

  13. WOW!!!! This really surprised the hell outta me when I got the lip roll for
    a few verses and than sang them. Thank you!

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...