Voice Lesson – FAT MEATY SOUND!! (How to belt in the Mixed Voice)

Voice lesson that help you to develop a FAT MEATY sound while in your Mixed Voice Range without pushing in your Chest Voice. A Voice Lesson that lack teaching of this kind would be incomplete. Voice lesson like these challenge you and force you into the correct position for a powerful sound that is effortless and easy. Stay tuned for other Voice Lesson like these. Feel free to share these voice lesson with as many friends as you know.

42 thoughts on “Voice Lesson – FAT MEATY SOUND!! (How to belt in the Mixed Voice)”

  1. Great vocal lesson there Paul Mckay. Thanks alot. This has really helped me
    find the mixed voice. If you have ever asked yourself why I’m getting
    blessed, this is one of the reasons. God bless you for your kindness
    because you did this at the expense of your time and effort. 

  2. so is it mixed voice ? i can do this exactly same as you but while I sing
    that , i cant go to down register. how can i fix this problem ?? i can
    sing high but i cant sing middle 

  3. MIguel Alemparte

    Ummm Are you sure that its mixed voice? I always sing that way thinking
    that its pure head voice but reforced with apoggiatura.If it is head voice
    that means that I can reach c5 and d5 also with chest voice 😀 !

  4. For some reason I still can’t mix all the notes among Bb4 to Eb5… I just
    reach my top belting Bb4 without warmup in pure chest. But curiously, I can
    sing (belt, sustain and pronounce words etc) from notes among F5 and G5
    without warmup and relatively easy! Incredibly (and annoyingly!!!) those
    notes that I mentioned, still can’t mix them, and even that E5 are most of
    the time hard to mix it in a powerful way…

    I don’t know if someone can help me to understand why this happened. I
    personally think that I have problems with the passaggio. 

  5. ChristianNWhitaker

    I’ve been working on “mixed voice” about everyday for about almost 3 years,
    I sing bass/baritone and my bridge (between chest and mixed voice) starts
    at about Middle c. Honestly, i feel really crappy. It seems on some days i
    have improved somewhat, and on others it seems if i have, it’s not much at
    all. I’m starting my Senior year at my HS. Had some pretty bad experiences
    with signing. But I’d love a chance to even sing the national anthem. It’s
    just my mixed and head voice have not very strong power, kind of like when
    i first started. It’s honestly heart breaking. :/ My question, have i
    misunderstood my past voice teachers, and all of these videos? Is there not
    a way a bass could sing tenor? (and sound normal)

  6. How do I make it sound not as breathy? Do I just need to practice? I can
    only make it sound good if I am loud, but singing for fun or in the car I
    don’t like sounding like being too loud.

  7. Thanks for this my mixed voice is CRAZY now I’ve fully discovered it if I
    can sing MJ songs and Whitney Houston songs tevin Campbell songs could I be
    a tenor??

  8. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC

    Nice demonstration but technically it’s not “chesty” mix, but a more edgy
    or twangy mix. By adding some clarity from the sinus cavity, you create a
    more “speech like” sound, as opposed to the more heady/hooty sound you
    first demonstrated.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great lesson for singers but its not
    really a “chesty” sounding mix; for that you need more fold engagement and
    a lowered larynx. Great lesson for beginners/intermediate to start
    steering away from overly hooty head tones.

  9. which the full value of a class file?
    I am in Brazil and I want to sing like that !!
    passes email to talk about class.
    class skype?
    I do not speak English.

  10. Hi Paul, I recently did a rough recording with an 80s metal band I’m
    working with at the moment. The chesty stuff sounds pretty strong but
    there’s a couple of Eb5s that I use a mixed voice for. It comes out very
    weak and kind of dying catesque.

    Any reccomendations on how to go about fixing these weaknesses? Forgive the
    cheesey 80s metal fantasy lyrics that my brother wrote lol

  11. Getting to that part is easy. Its the crossover area i have issues with. It
    sounds like a chest mix type range and if sounds like its above passagio. I
    hear it used in 80s rock and people use it in their laugh.It’s only a few
    notes after that I can get in the mix. I hear rock singer use it a lot but
    not R&B singers. I have only herd Robert Lunte use it but other coaches
    don’t for some reason. Anyone have any incite of that?

  12. João de Deus Lopes

    Paul I’m very happy to meet someone Like you I mean I am doing everything
    you are saying and I feel the difference Special with the PANTATONIC SCALE
    I have emproved my Riffs even though I dont do it as you do but a little by
    little I will get there,now tell me what are fruits or foods that I should
    eat to mantain my voice more lighter?

  13. I have a problem. When I’m with piano I can hit high notes in mixed voice,
    but when I start to sing a song, I just can’t make it. Why? :(

  14. Nice explanation, but that`s not belting what you`re demonstrating..you`re
    in your head voice, not in your chest voice, so it will never be “real”

  15. louisius junriary

    Hallo sirr.. i want to ask something that quite important for me.. i have
    asked so many singers that good. But i still dont get it.. how i make my
    mixed belt voice is more stronger? For example is im singing 1 song that
    uses chest voice so much n it is have too powerful (its a must for this
    song) even though its just only 2 or 3 part of it.. then after that i’ve
    met a part that from chest to mixed voice.. but mine is very light and its
    sounds like nassal.. and i hate it.. its just sounded like im using
    falsetto.. ita produced like that.. and this is make me quite upset n get
    curious to know more.. but still didn’t get the answers… would you help
    me please to solve my problem? Thankyou so much sir.

  16. louisius junriary

    and my problem comes when im sing from the beginning, until that part.. but
    if you ask me to sing just only the transition part from chest to mix.. it
    would be such an easy way to go… and its powerful… but its gone when im
    singing that song from the start.

  17. Do you do voice lessons? I have been searching for so long. I understand
    how you explain everything and break everything down. I feel you can really
    help me.

  18. I have a gap between my head voice and my chest voice. I try for example
    the song send my love by Adele. “send my love to your new LOVER” she jumps
    into head voice and then back into chest voice. I feel like sometimes for
    me is either an awkward transition or I have a gap between chastity and
    head. please help


    I have watched multiple videos on this specific lesson with other teachers.
    Yours is by far the most helpful! Thank you so much!

  20. Jillian Barker, director of learning and participation, said the Create and Sing Carmen pilot project would help young singers extend their range, warm up properly and stop belting out? pop songs in a way that could hurt their vocal cords.

  21. Your warm-up session should usually last anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes and sometimes longer if you’re preparing to go on stage or sing for a more lengthy period of time.

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