Voice Lesson: Falsetto & Head Voice

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41 thoughts on “Voice Lesson: Falsetto & Head Voice”

  1. Claudia Pascoal

    Hi @EricArceneaux can u help me with singing coz I want to become a singer
    and can’t afford to buy the books and stuff please let me know and I am
    from South Africa

  2. I want that T-shirt. “Get witchy on it” lol
    A lot of Australians seem to use that witchy voice when talking. I
    especially hear it in rural areas. I never had a name for it till now.

  3. Brendan Simoni

    I want to be able to have a lesson with you over Skype, because I guarantee
    that I do not live near where you teach, but my mom does not know I sing
    and I can not do things on my own quite yet because I am only 16. What do I

  4. your head voice at times almost sounds like some sort of effortless full
    mixed voice, like at 0:16 – 0:22 . is it because you’re a deeper voice-type
    ? it seems a lot of baritones have full-sounding head voices that blend
    really well with their chest and mixed voice. i’m a lyric tenor and it
    sounds awfully hollow or feminine even when I put power or ”witch
    quality” to it, you can tell it’s not my full voice there’s a clear change
    in quality in between the two. It sounds like i’m impersonating a female
    soprano and then going back to my full, male voice. but if I start low in
    my range in chest voice and mix I can stretch all the way up to a G5. but
    it sounds nothing like this it’s not light or flexible it’s ear-piercingly
    loud and a full-blown chest-sounding belt. any truth to my theory or am I
    just doing this wrong ?

  5. Aldo Saavedra

    I need help with the transition from my chest to head and my head voice
    sounds good but there is a back ground of an airy sound and I hate the airy

  6. Aldo Saavedra

    Also sometimes my head voice breaks and the whole sounds falls apart and
    becomes weak 😭 how do I control that

  7. Richard Hassinger

    WOW! Big difference! I was singing along to this, and I have recently been
    having problems with sounding way too breathy until I was fully warmed up
    (as much as possible, anyway), when something would just click and the body
    would come into the sound, giving it that “core” you kept referring to. I
    didn’t know what was happening…Just that I had to really get super warmed
    up to sound full. That “witch voice” section and the line from the bonus
    tip that was saying that there is “an in-between” really fixed it.
    Ironically, the bit about the vocal folds touching that you were trying to
    skip over for clarity’s sake was what lead me to the solution. Thank you!

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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