Voice Lesson – Eric Arceneaux teaches Michael Bryant

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Mike Bryant is another one of my favorite clients to work with. He’s one of those rare students who just gets it; He’s a fast learner, with a strong work ethic. As a result, he has developed an extraordinary vocal range and a powerful tone that just rings like a bell.

37 thoughts on “Voice Lesson – Eric Arceneaux teaches Michael Bryant”

  1. hey how are you doing….. i think i heard him before im nto sure, your vids really help too, you should check out some of my newer vids, not the poems but the vocals… but yeah good luck with everything… and ttyl

  2. I receive at least 30 questions a day, and often times I receive as many as 50 in a single day. I have a full time job as a voice instructor (I work 11hr days); Plus I’m a recording artist, working on my first solo album. It’s hard enough to do everything and keep videos coming, let alone answer every question that I receive. To be honest, I have no idea what question you’ve posed. However, I will do my best to address it in my next video.

  3. I was wondering if you had any videos on fixing pitch problems? if so please let me know. as well do you know anything on throat problems. cause I went to a vocal coach that wasnt that good and well messed up my throat. any advice? especially one choose a good vocal coach. thank you for your time Eric. I hope to pick up your cd and book.

  4. Hülya Karacaoglan

    Hi I “discovered” you yesterday and I really appreciate what you’re doing!I am from Belgium and I had lessons from a prof singer but she wasn’t as good as you.First of all I’ll try to watch all of your videos and I’ll send you a question if I have one!
    greetz hülya

  5. Valeriya Krasimirova

    OMG youuu arrree sooo sooo sooo ,i cant even find a wordddd:)so good!
    thank you 4 your vocal lessonsss,youre an amzing singer!
    i can watch your vidios 24/7
    ‘hahaha ihave to study chemistry and im just sitting here and watchinf your vids!im addicted to youhaha:D
    thank you Eric

  6. I’m 14, and have the same problem as Drewzee92 and mattsanders14. I put another comment with another account on your other videos. But no ones answered so I just though I’d put another one. Nice video’s btw =]

  7. well I dont know if he will have the time to get back to you but u must be tensing your neck or squeezing ur throat close to produce the sound which is not singing in the mix it should be comfortable let the air flow through like a yawn… hope that helps

  8. Ey Eric, great stuff man. What’s happenin with the Take 6 guys? Mark Kibble? Based on their videos, I think he’s the one tenor parts, which crosses into the alto range…smoothly. What’re they doing? How do they do that?

  9. lol. Mike indeed has amazing vocal coordination. He’s currently training with me to become a vocal coach. I’m very excited, as he is truly as gifted a teacher as he is a singer. Stay tuned for more on him in the future.

  10. Hi eric.. thanx for the quick tips..

    i’m from INDONESIA.. and i’m hoping one day i can go there and privatly can learn from you…

    how can i buy your FIRS DEBUTE album in INDONESIA?? and how to get your lesson cd/dvd??
    thanks alot eric
    GOD BLESS and Best luck for you


    Dear Eric,

    thank you so much for your videos….i know i still have soooo many things to learn how to sng properly, and your videos are helping me a lot..

    Thanks again, more power, and more blessings!

    Rose from Belgium

  12. Hi Eric. Is the Aapproach dvd 2.0 is targeted to the intermediate singer with basic knowledge of vocal theory? What about for those with no vocal theory knowledge at all and need to understand the rudimentaries/basics of singing? Thanks.

  13. Hey Eric,”how do you sing?” That’s the question I’ve asked people who know how to sing. And so far,most, if not all, have told me that you have to be born with it.I just want to know what you think about that- just trying to get an opinion from a person who has trained a lot of people on how to sing.I have never sang in my life before. I’m afraid of singing my heart out because my voice cracks when i sing. I have a dream of singing to my dream girl. Just want to know how that will be possible.

  14. malanda briggs

    where can i buy your cds mr. eric i took vocal lessons when i was 13 years old so i have some training but i want to sound great can u help me?

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...