42 thoughts on “VOICE LESSON 8: BEGINNER SINGING TECHNIQUES Part 1 with Erik Dillard”

  1. Xaris Commatopoulos

    Heyy i watch only two video of you giving lessons for begginers you are so
    good …!!! im practising alone two years and im becoming more good trough
    those years i want to be better and better i love music and i love singing
    ….there so many singers who inspire me and you two when i listen to
    you…..thank you i have to watch all your video to learn from you thnx
    again…. 😀 😀

  2. i’d just like to let everyone know that your diaphragm is a muscle that
    helps to expand your lungs. air doesn’t ‘go into your diaphragm’ i’m not
    trying to troll i just want people to be aware of basic internal anatomy.
    feel free to thumbs down.

  3. Thank you so much for all of these lessons…I have been told that I have a
    very strong voice because I can sing some of Celine Dion songs but I always
    felt that my voice was never considered ready to sing yet….I can’t thank
    you enough….

  4. ashleypipkins81

    Dear.Erik Dillard I have a problem i can sing really good but i have a
    problem with hiting high notes and low notes any tips if u do i will be
    very thankful.

  5. my voice is given when it comes to singing but I don’t know how to sing
    properly. huhuhu. that a big problem I had right now. for now I didn’t
    consider my singing skills as my talent. huhuhu I want an improvement so
    that I’m proud to say in the end that I really do have a talent.

  6. sir, I wish u were here at my side so that u can teach me how to sing
    properly and so that I could be able to show my talent to everyone . u are
    really good voice coach.

  7. Hey Eric, Thanks for your energy and helpful videos. I live in Atlanta, GA.
    Would you know any vocal coaches/instructors here? I’ve always wanted to
    sing, but didn’t have the money and really time, for it. I am a disable
    veteran, so I have time to learn. Any help is appreciated.

  8. omg! thank you so much i am 12 years old and i was great before but know im
    fabulous i was in the school talent show and i won 1st place thank to you i
    did this for a month and i am great again thank you

  9. Hey, Mr. Dillard. Just a few questions. After doing this exercise for the
    first time, I became sort of light headed…is that normal for
    first-timers? Also I read a comment from @beliefinme4now, and we truly have
    the same story. Like them, I live here in Atlanta, GA and am looking for a
    vocal coach who possibly may tutor for free, if not, within my budget. Can
    you help me out? Music is my passion and I really want to project this to
    the world! Thanks for reading.

  10. A couple of weeks ago on a very warm and breezy day, the wind kept blowing
    ash and “stuff” from the fireplace into the house. It did not bother anyone
    but me. I did a lot of coughing and had to move to the basement for the
    rest of the day and night. I almost immediately got a respitory infection
    which I am mostly over but I have a cough and mucus on my vocal chords that
    I can’t seem to get rid of. I breathe in to sing and have a coughing fit.
    Any suggestions. I would appreciate any help. Thanks!

  11. Shakeema Simpson

    Ok sooooo do you have one on one lessons because i am in serious need of
    your help with these here vocals Lol. I can sing and believe the Lord is
    leading me to do so, but since I don’t have any prior experience, I sound a
    hot mess. Also i need to work on my confidence while singing so do you have
    any suggestions?

  12. DudeBehindTheGuitar

    after watching your videos i went to my school talent show and everyone
    loved it!!! my voice got more in tune and is also more powerful thanks to
    you 😀

  13. ok i have something to say here if i use my chest for lower note i notice
    it gets better projection, is there a way to mix that up with the diaphragm
    breathing, so when i get higher on note i would switch to diaphragm and for
    lower it would be chest it sounds good for me is this right or wrong?

  14. i watched some video and said, it is good to breath unto your nose if your
    singing classical songs, but if you sing r&b’s , pop etc. breath using your
    mouth.. how’s that sir?

  15. ok sir thanks,. im practicing my voice through singing those not so high
    songs but those songs that fits my voice,. and everyday i know i’m getting
    better,. thanks for the lessons:)

  16. The real problem is that mockingbirds, as Gammon explains, are like a DJ who’s just sampling a lot of different sounds.? They rapidly cycle through their repertoire, each song only lasting a couple seconds.

  17. In the past the you would need to pay an expensive voice trainer to have entry to the voice training methods that can make you’d make you an awesome singer.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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