Vocal Vibrato – Can You Learn To Sing With Vibrato?

How to sing with vibrato – Per Bristow – creator of the Sing With Freedom program and The Singing Zone – explores the application of singing with vibrato and singing without a vibrato. Can vibrato be developed? When do you want vocal vibrato? If you have no vibrato when you sing, is that a problem?

41 thoughts on “Vocal Vibrato – Can You Learn To Sing With Vibrato?”

  1. I think I naturally sing vibrato on my cover somebody told me on my video
    that when I sung my voice “shakes”. I don’t really know what that means
    but, I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing.

  2. they all sound good to me 😛 but yes.. TOO MUCH vibrato through out the
    song is ANNOYING.. but long notes is good with vibrato..

  3. Sherlocq Holmes

    Wow, you are cool Per :doublethubup:
    your tips is really helpful 🙂

    (almost all people with Per in their first name are good at music ) :)

  4. It’s nice super nice sir….your tutorial, how to use vibrato while
    singing, is very much effective and helps me sooo much….nd plzz give me a
    …awaiting your reply

  5. Very cool Per. I just watched your 30 min video sent to me and am so
    impressed with your techniques, voice and personality. Thank you very

  6. It took me years to develop vibrato. It didn’t come naturally to me. You
    don’t really need it to sing, unless you’re into singing pop music and R&B
    like Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Kanye, etc… If you seen Rock or
    Metal like I do you don’t really need it.

  7. If this didn’t help you then I ca help I am not sure if it came naturally
    or not but maybe it depends on the song my first vibrato I did was on the
    song ‘I friends with the monster that’s under my bed’ I couldn’t do vibrato
    I thought I could but it was just a sheep thing of mine so basically don’t
    try TOO hard or its just not gunna be vibrato and its like going
    ‘aaaaaaaaa’ but its like opening and closing the part you use to gulp (I
    have forgotten what its called) but yeah make it stop. Hope it works cause
    that’s how I did it maybe its with certain songs cause that’s with me (I
    think) u should find ur song of your voice soon hopefully (just make sure
    to choose a song that’s easy for you to sing in your voice not a song that
    u have to change your voice alloy/completely

  8. I hear a lot of people say that vibrato is natural when your voice is
    relaxed. I don’t believe this. It is an effect which can be turn off and on

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