Vocal Training: How to sing HIGH notes with a low (baritone) voice – Part 2

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Baritones, stop worrying! You CAN sing high, but you have to have the right training techniques available!

Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you can’t sing high because you’re a Baritone or have a low speaking voice. It isn’t true! … Understand that the reason most people tell you this is simply that they don’t know how to teach you to sing high. They don’t have the techniques and understanding to help you expand your range. It is an excuse for their lack of ability to teach you how. That is simply the truth…

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21 thoughts on “Vocal Training: How to sing HIGH notes with a low (baritone) voice – Part 2”

    1. Ok, I see. This is just an excerpt. I am doing well thanks Robert. Had a breakthrough with my coordination and weight. Much lighter, and more consistent range each training session now. We were working on lightning up my warm ups and voice in general. I got there using your advice. Thanks Robert : )

    2. Robert Lunte It will be a while unfortunately. Great reason though. Im moving to larger city to start coaching!😎 So looking at end of this year. Using rest of this year to develop my skills etc… Then I’ll catch you for some lessons.

  1. Hey Robert! I have a question regarding this, a popular coach here on youtube says to not heavily work on head voice or “mix” alongside chest, or it could atrophy chest. Would this be part of the problem regarding this topic?. Or is it true , is it better to just focus on chest at first?. Maybe until a certain chest note?. Thanks for any answer.

    1. Robert Lunte Probably a lot of students going straight into chest pulling only, that are killing themselves with that advice. And if they somehow manage to get through it their progress rate will likely be really affected by such eitherway. In this persons exact words “work chest till C5 or more, THEN work on strengthening head voice / mix”. They only say to bridge a bit. But they say “leave focused strengthening of such till way later”. Pretty sure you made some fantastic videos on this topic. I remember 2 of them. Sadly a lot of people will likely miss it and take that guys route. Since hes quite a big figure here.

      A friend of mine believed him and didnt want to believe me, so he made me ask a coach on whether this is true, he wanted visual evidence. This is why I asked. Hopefully I can convince him to buy your program instead of the other guy. Will be annoying, hes pretty convinced with the other guy.

    2. . I know who the “other guy” is that your referring to. This individual is a good coach. One of the better ones in my opinion. And the advise that he is giving in regards to training from the “bottom up” or “pulling” chest IS part of the right path. It isn’t the message that is wrong from this individual, if there is an issue, it is in HOW it is trained. It is not the “what”, it is “how”. IMO, this individual does not offer the techniques or a method that is going to help most people achieve this result. My program ALSO advocates “bottom up” training, but the difference is, I offer a book and an online course program that shows you exactly what to do. I also have a talent for explaining these concepts in a way that helps people actually get it. Having the right idea, but not having the content, techniques or the ability to properly explain/teach it, doesn’t get results for students. View these testimonial videos of my clients who are training similar techniques, ( actually more then chest pulling because my program covers other techniques that are also important ), and are getting results. . The truth is, me and this person are actually more in agreement then not. We even share a similar voice coach from our past. We have a lot in common. The big difference between us is the quality of our techniques, method, book ( he hasn’t written a book, therefore he hasn’t done the research I have ), and ability to teach. That is the tough love truth of the situation… If you like what this guy is talking about, but you are not getting the results because it is hurting or your still confused… THERE YOU GO… Purchase my program, work with me and you will begin to understand what it all means, and have the content and instructions you need for it to be clear. You can purchase here:

    3. Robert Lunte I have your program btw, he doesnt. He decided to buy the other guys, and guess what?…. hes already confused. He had to go to their forum to ask questions which is fine he just started I guess. I told him “good luck getting him to answer your question directly”.

      He showed me the other guys program (which is quite expensive btw). And to me…. It looks smaller / less detailed. .? Most of the videos have concepts that are just not explained very well. Makes sense why my friends confused. And the forum seems to be filled with a bunch of confused people as well asking the same thing over and over again.

      Your program is way more in depth and clear than his. Heck with him… i kind of noticed the main key concepts are already posted on yt?…I remember watching a video on a guy reviewing the program, thats what he said “the main important concepts of his course are basically already on youtube”.

      Which made me say huh?.. but actually seeing my friends files now. I would agree.. just like 2-3 videos maybe that talk about something new.

      Pretty much, and most everything in his program is in yours but just WAY more in depth and you have way more options than just basically one main exercise. Crazy. Especially when you consider the price.

      I remember dravens short review of it in his testimonial, pretty much nails it.

      My friend is convinced to try it for a few weeks, but I told him, if you’re not making good progress asap, just get your money back and get 4pillars. Some people get caught up in the whole “o I like how this coach sings more”. And forget too think about the importance of teaching quality and content. I guess we’ll see how it goes for him.

    4. EXACTLY. You get it… Your totally in the “know” and clear about what is REALLY going on. I commend your ability to achieve clarity on this stuff. I know its not easy. Your friend will likely just push and then push harder and then push even harder on an “ah” vowel and get tired. At some point, he’ll get frustrated and wonder why just going straight up in a “ah” vowel isn’t working… Uh, because… there is more to it then just that AND you have to train the motor skills and voice on other things before it is ready to just do pushing, frontal assault on “ah”… This guy has burned out more voices then anyone else on YouTube. Again, it isn’t because the basic idea or the goal he is advocating is wrong, its just, the content and techniques to teach it are lacking…

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...