Vocal Tips For K-pop Fans #1: 3 Basics Things When Learning How to Sing


Hello guys! This is my first official Vocal Tips For K-pop Fans videos! This is going to be a new series of videos I’m going to be making to target your guys’ questions about singing technique and how to better approach your own singing voice and improve your singing! Please share this video, leave comments, like our facebook page to keep yourself updated with our newest analyses and check out the KpopVocalAnalysis wordpress blog! ^ ^

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41 thoughts on “Vocal Tips For K-pop Fans #1: 3 Basics Things When Learning How to Sing”

  1. hi ahmin! i have a few questions:

    1. placement – am i suppose to feel the vibration from my cheekbone areas if my placement is correct? because i think im singing with my throat since i have a husky voice and i feel the vibration from my throat when i sing

    2. lower register – i can sing down to F3/F#3 easily but im not sure if im lowering my larynx, how do i determine when that?

    3. mix – i have a more chestier mix i think since i find it noticeable when i strain and my voice only supports up to B4 maybe? the highest i can mix is E5 (it gets headier when i try mix higher) how can i have a more balanced mix?

  2. Almost exactly what I’ve learned when I was in a choir during my Highschool year. I’m not a singer, but I always try to sing with a proper breathing, but I am always having trouble of the breathing practice. And also I also wanted to be on the right pitch or rhythm when I sing. I’m always off the rhythm every time my sister and I are doing some jamming with her guitar (she plays the guitar and I sing.) I actually don’t know how to read chords or notes. :))

  3. Hi Ahmin. I have a Question about that placement Thing.
    Do you always feel it when you are singing in the mask?
    And what about people that sing in the forehead?
    And how can i switch from Mask singing to forehead ? I really want to have that ‘forehead’ sound

  4. i’m tone deaf and can’t sing at all. i hope your videos can help me. gonna start learning. thank you for the lesson videos πŸ™‚

  5. katie cherryfields

    Having good breathing support is hard if you have Asthma. When, I was learning to be a good vocalist it was very hard for me to breathe because I have Asthma. But, when my Asthma went down it did not effect me a lot, now I’m good.

  6. i have a question:
    if i’m a female with a vocal range of D#3/Eb3 to G#6-A6… what voice type am i?… and how many octaves is that

  7. hey I have a question, when people do covers do they know the exact notes they are supposed to be singing or do they just figure it out by listening? I’m a beginner at singing and im just curious as to how important it is to know every note by memory, my teacher hasnt even started to teach me the notes and its been 3 months since i started taking lessons

  8. μ†Œμ—¬λ―€κΉ€

    Please how I can know my vocal range by singing the lowest and the highest note I can or there another way pleasssse πŸ™ I need a help

  9. Ok I came across this channel through your blog. And wow you’re doing a pretty good job here.
    I’m more into listening than creating but your tutorial got me interested.

  10. Hi , ahmin πŸ™‚ I’m an ARMY πŸ™‚ and also IU’s huge fan ( I
    don’t know her fanclub name hehe )

    i cant post a comment on your Jungkook’s or IU’s analyses posts πŸ™ so im gonna reach out to you here ..

    I’ve been such a huge fan of IU since really long time ago
    and I love her voice so much . I have a few questions , if you dont mind.

    Hm ,, I found IU’s voice really pretty and really nice to
    listen to . and I’m someone who has been practising singing actually and..
    sometimes when I listen to her singing , I want to have voice like her., do you
    think it’s possible ? I’m currently having my vocal lessons and my coach taught
    me to focus on the technique rather than the style, when I let him listen to
    IU’s voice , he told me that her style is great and she might be lacking in the
    technique. do you think I can combine both the techniques that I’ve learned so
    far with her and Jungkook’s style ? I adore both of them and their voices so
    much πŸ™‚ and if its not a bother , do you think you can give some tips on how to
    have a sweet , smooth and soft voice like IU’s or Jungkook’s ? I also have a
    problem with nasality even when I’m not singing , people tend to tease me for
    my nasal voice. When I sing , I don’t produce much airiness but when I speak
    normally , the nasality is still a problem . I’m a 19 year old girl actually πŸ™‚

    my range would be somewhere around C3 ~ Eb5/E5 .

    my supported range would be around D3 ~ A4 .I hope this
    might be helpful ..

    정말 κ³ λ§™μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€ πŸ™‚ 많이 μ†Œκ³ ν–ˆμ–΄μš” ^^Β  doing this
    must be so very tiring . Thank You So Much Ahmin!

  11. Hello mr . Ahmin … I don’t know if my voice is good or not and I want to improve it , can you help me please to improve it ?

  12. I can’t even sing but I kept on watching. And I thought I’m tone deaf lol the example he gave I couldn’t tell the difference but when Tiffany was singing I could tell what he was referring to. Anyway, great video πŸ˜€


    Among rookies, which group has the weakest vocals?? Is it Twice or Blackpink? Well, MAMAMOO has the best vocals for a rookie right?

  14. I’ve had only a few singing lessons with someone who was classically trained and the only information I got was think I can sing slightly lower than most girls and she described my head voice as reaching the bridge of my nose (?) and that I didn’t have too many issues with pitch but I wasn’t good at switching between longer notes without sounding flat (I am not quite sure how she worded it.) She never really gave me a basic range or mentioned where I was supported or not (I did learn the basics of breathing from the diaphragm but nothing too detailed) but I am throaty at times and I really just can’t find anywhere to give me tips to improve. Do you know anywhere online or just have any basic tips?

  15. I want to be able to sing. I love singing. But I am not very good at it. I never really learnt. My mom saw my interest when i was younger and tried to put me in classes but social anxiety and introvertness held me back. I wish I had listened to my mom.
    I can only imitate songs. i don’t really know how to perform or know my range or anything for that matter. Now that i want to learn, I can’t afford to take classes. I can’t really ask my parents because they already pay for my college. I don’t know what to do. Singing is really very important for me.
    Someone please say something encouraging.
    I am almost 21 btw. Is it too late for me to learn?

  16. I have hyperthyroidism and breathing is really my problem with breathing so I don’t even know how to start with my vocal exercise.

    any tips?

  17. Gwyneth Atienza

    Hi, I want to sing a Korean song but my voice can’t really reach the notes because I think I have a low voice for a girl.When there are high notes I tend shift from natural to falsetto and I hate it. I didn’t know why I was a soprano when I was 12.

  18. hello i want to send you a recording of me singing without music so you can tell me how can i improve my singing .. can i do that?

  19. The breathing way really helped . I think my breathing is fine but the placement is a little hard seems like I place my voice I n the throat from B4 and higher and strain on like D5 and higher ..

  20. Hi Mr. Matthew, again, if you had any spare time, please kindly listen and analyze my friend voice :

    also, your suggestion for her improvement, ehehehe..
    thank you so much btw.. πŸ™‚

  21. nieblamulticolor

    love the video series! i’m confused with the ha ha ha exercise hope you could help me. should we breathe in, between every ha or the diaphram should go out by muscle work alone? sorry if im not making any sense english is not my first lang

  22. Rizza Mae Manzanilla

    can you criticize lovelyz vocals ?? their live performance and their acapellas.. is it possible for you to distinguish, i mean explain the individual members vocal ??.. thank you ^^

  23. Hey Ahmin, I am wondering if you can help me with this breathing issue that i am facing.
    You see, I can breath out for 5-10+secs but I can only breath in to the maximum of 2secs and then i dont have the strength to pull in more air, or my shoulder goes up (but it feels relaxed when I have my shoulder up to breath in) to pull in more air.
    How can i breath in for 5secs or more?
    Thank you!

  24. oh gosh I actually guessed that you’d use tiffany as one of the examples right before you mentioned her…I was so surprised that I was right XD she’s the loml but I know she has lots of faults in her singing

  25. hi! I’ve been told that I have a shrill voice even when talking it’s still sounds a bit high, kinda like that of a kid before puberty, and been mocked for it. I really like singing, I want to be able to sing well but the comment about my voice has discourage me from singing along with songs that i really like. I just hummed now sometimes just mouthing along the lyric, never singing it out loud even when i’m alone. My senior back in my high school told me that she has the kind of voice that i have and broke it down by yelling into the water to mute the sounds, she do it every morning for more than year if i’m not mistaken, and she really have a lot deeper and nasal voice. What I want to ask about, is it really safe to do that? I tried her method for three weeks and kind of lost my voice and my throat becomes really hurts when speaking, so i kind of afraid to continue. Do you have any advice to lessen the shrill of my voice or make it a bit deeper? if that is possible haha. Oh and i’m 21 years old woman. Thank you!

  26. I think I used to be able to sing from diaphragm, but now I can only sing from throat. Actually, idk

  27. gabriella joyce

    I used to sing a lot for perfomances at my school and in church, but I was a very hyper kid back then so I scream a lot. Then comes my sister, I sang Jpop songs a lot back then and there were high notes. As I reached the high notes my voice becomes louder and my sister scolds me for singing too loud even tho it wasnt that loud. After that I’m scared of singing, even after she left the house. I used to be able to sing songs with some high notes, I didnt even feel strained (my teacher told me to hit the note further away not above my head) but now my voice keeps cracking and it hurts a lot too when I sing. πŸ˜₯ I was doing fine before my sister made me feel traumatic, even a note that isnt very high wont come out now.

  28. The tips provided above are some of the most common ways to increase a vocal range allowing a person to sing high notes and the best tricks to heal a person’s voice.

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