Vocal Tip: An Awesome Tip To Sing Easier! – MSM

This video is about an awesome vocal tip on how to sing easier almost immediately. It refers to the technique used by ventriloquists and how singers can benefit from it in solving their vocal problems.
In this video you will learn how to use different parts of your mouth and body to better project sound.

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12 thoughts on “Vocal Tip: An Awesome Tip To Sing Easier! – MSM”

  1. Hmm… this is something I’ll have to try! I’ve been trying to get away from “using my throat” for singing and directing effort into the proper places!

    1. Hey man “using my throat” for singing, is as vague as saying using my body to jump.. The vocal cords are located in the throat. In that sense, you are using a part of your throat in singing. What I’m saying here is that sound production and it manipulation starts further back and not in the facial muscles or tongue, jaw etc.
      A little concentration and shift of focus goes a long way, nothing too drastic, I hope this helps, thanks for your comment 😉

    2. You’re right! To be more clear – I had been straining my throat more than anything else to control my voice. I had been focusing on that instead of letting the other elements of my body do their part. I’m learning more and more how to use the right spots to do what they are meant to, vs just straining my throat for everything (and for that matter, using my throat how it’s supposed to be used). Your videos have helped me in that way!

  2. Great advice man! Just to add, a lot of people tend to sing too big and strained because they thought they are doing ‘open throat technique’. In reality open throat is just a sensation and is not something to be imposed, which is why this closed sound helps!

  3. Great technique and explanation, I’ll be using this in my practice, now I just have to go up in the attic and dig out my old ventriloquists doll!

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