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Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy provides / offers the best vocal singing lessons for all aspiring singer who want to learn professional singing

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  1. Ken, do you ever have bad singing days? Not because one day you feel
    healthy and the next you get sick, but because maybe you cant put all your
    emotion into a performance? Or as a professional singer can you deliver a
    steady performance regularly for the most part?

  2. Definitely intriguing. Never felt I could ever sing and have never really
    tried to find out if could. This has me thinking though. Would this be too
    much for someone starting completely from scratch? I’d be delighted if one
    day I could sing something well for my wife as a huge unexpected surprise.

  3. Hi man! I am a 16 year old boy in the voice change, and i was wondering if
    it was possible for be som sing high notes, even if i am in the voice
    change. Appreciate it!

  4. Ken, I absolutely love your work and truly believe there is no one better
    on the earth to teach the singing voice than you. My only query with
    learning from a cd program alone is this – how does the cd programme get
    rid of a singers bad habits or even address them in order to iinstill the
    new technique? Because it cant physically see what the singer is doing. On
    a different note I would really love to hear you do Livin on a prayer bon
    jovi just because I think it is one of the most difficult songs I know to
    sing. I understand you have done Bon Jovi already but id really be
    interested to see how you approach it as a high bari.
    Many thanks

  5. Was browsing through your videos again Ken, and I noticed you haven’t
    covered Journey/Steve Perry! Would be awesome if you could teach the YT
    community a lesson in some classics like Don’t Stop Believin’ or maybe Oh
    Sherrie :)

  6. I would like to see some lessons on how to sing like Hansi Kursch (amazing
    voice) How can he as a baritone can keep that rough and at the same time
    extremely powerful voice. I know his voice might be layered on studio
    records, but I’ve seen live videos and he is so awesome :X

  7. Hi Ken!
    Do you ever listen to Musical Theatre? I think a fantastic song for you to
    sing that is extremely difficult would be “Defying Gravity” from Wicked.
    Extremely diverse range needed in both Falsetto and Chest voice!
    Good backing track – Defying Gravity – Backing Track
    I can’t find a version of the original that matches the backing track!
    Please consider it, I think it would be such a great challenege and very
    educational to watch!

  8. if i could afford it i would most certainly invest in it. but till then.
    hopefully these vids will help. thanks you Mr.Tamplin.
    Regards From Ireland

  9. CreatingMyOwnHistory

    Ken, master, I really think you should do a ,,how to sing Toto – Africa”
    video. It has very challenging vocals and I think that many people
    alongside myself would be very interested in how you approach it. Best

  10. Shamik “Stagekraft” Chakraborty

    You are really doing a great job. I was recently trying to sing ALL ENDS
    WELL by Alter Bridge. The chorus of that song is just too high, it seems.
    I’d appreciate it very much if you could help me with the technique of
    doing that correctly.

  11. I have been having trouble adding rasp to my voice…I heard that you
    should use your diaphragm to do it but I can’t figure it out do you have
    any lessons on how to add rasp to your voice? 

  12. Speaking of singing the most difficult songs to sing in rock… when are
    you going to sing some steelheart for us Ken?

  13. Hey ken. Im not sure how good my vioce is or what I have to do to make it
    better can I send you a sample of my singing for evaluation? 

  14. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

    Come join my Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Singers Forums.
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  15. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

    Hey Guys consider this:

    Most all other vocal coaching web sites display no actual singing. NONE
    They “talk” about singing with unverifiable testimonials but show no real

    Here’s just a small sampling of KTVA students

    How to sing like Dave Grohl have 185K+ views.
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    Her How to sing like Layne Staley have 179 K+ How To Sing Like Layne Staley
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    My student Anthony 8 million Katy Perry – Dark Horse (Sung in 20 Styles)
    Ten Second Songs

    My student Ryan Haeri How to sing like Steve Perry 179 K+
    How To Sing Like Steve Perry – Journey – Faithfully – Ken Tamplin Vocal

    My student Tina Alcorace just went viral last week with 130K views in 4 days

    My student Sara Loera How to sing like X-Tina 79K
    How To Sing Like Christina Aguilera – Beautiful – KenTamplinVocalAcademy.com

    Many of my videos well into the 200 – 300K range… as well as this one at
    1.5 mill Singing Lessons | Singing Lessons for Beginers, Learn How to Sing

    I guess people want to believe they can take a weight loss pill and not
    exercise and get what they want. (or “quick vocal tips) But they will soon
    find out it doesn’t work like that.

  16. Bob Hohenberger

    People who are looking for vocal lessons, this is the guy that will really
    teach you to sing! Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy has singing lessons that will
    grow your voice like you’ve never imagined! I know, I bought it, and it
    REALLY WORKS. I’ve also bought a lot of others that didn’t do much more
    than cost a lot of money. This is the REAL DEAL. You won’t get this kind
    of training anywhere else!

  17. Amazing as always. You should show us how to sing like James Maynard
    Keenan. Their are so many Tool tunes that are fun to sing.

  18. Bob Hohenberger

    Here is a free vocal lesson from Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. Can ANYBODY
    learn to sing? Find out if singing lessons are for you! Ken gives you some
    of the basics here in this lesson. You can find out more by going to

    You may want to take a peek at Ken’s singers forums and see what singers
    from all over the world are up to at

  19. Ken hello! Please get your beard back! It is so unusuall to see you shaved!
    ))) now to serious part: you are amazing teacher! keep on the good work!
    Watching all your videos and learn!

  20. Sebastian Celesner

    Ken, I think you’re an outstanding singer and very versatile too but the
    voice sound you suggest for vocalizing in this video doesn’t sound good at
    all to me. It is bright and frontal but not rich in quality. How does this
    work? Is it just to exercise the voice? I saw a video of a skype lesson
    you posted in which your student, a guy, had a very similar sound, which I
    disliked too. I’m interested in your course but this is not the sound I
    want for my voice. Won’t vocalize as shown here drag my singing into this
    type of sound? 

  21. Sebastian Celesner

    After your answer on my previous comment, watching more videos, writing to
    one student who’s doing your course great and after trying this exercise
    myself, I now see how well this exercise works. I have a classic vocal
    training and I have adapted it to rock, so this exercise sounded odd to me
    at first.
    I’m buying KTVA’s course next week but until then, I wanted to ask you sth
    about this exercise. I did it just a couple of times and reached D5 much
    more easily than before and with better quality and volume all the way up
    to it, but I keep feeling like an itch in my throat, a kind of raspy
    sensation, as if I was doing sth wrong technically speaking. Is it normal
    when one is starting the course? What could I be doing wrong? I followed
    the instructions on this video and on Yuji’s video, the Japanese guy.

  22. Can you teach anybody to sing. I have notice people who can sing like you
    dont really have deep voices. I was wondering if your method can really
    help improve people like me

  23. Hi ken, im a songwriter and ive been trying to improve my voice, ive been
    singing along with my songs but when i get to dragon force i cant really
    get to mark hudsons tones and intensity. 

  24. How do I Do this ??? I am From europe… I would Like to take this course
    because I am trying to learn on my own…… because my teacher was only
    telling me what to do…. never show… :(

  25. ZombieApocalyptica

    Hi Ken, Does the voice go back to normal after having sore or swollen
    throat? I have to sing sometime after I’m better and I just need closure. I
    self taught myself from watching your videos as I can’t afford your course

  26. Hey Ken I was wondering how much your lessons are I have no singing ability
    but I wanna sing like Frankie valli

  27. Felicity Brooke

    Hi Ken, so I am in choir at my church and my friends tell me I sound good
    but I feel like im not good at all. I dont know if that is just insecurity,
    but even lets say I cant sing will your lessons teach me to sing really
    well or do I already have to be a good singer?

  28. Ideological songs have helped kids rather a lot to emulsify and differentiate between right and incorrect, just and unjust, and to achieve information about totally different issues, via music.

  29. Even if you are clearly probably the most gifted singer on the day, in case your look isn’t precisely what they’re trying then you will be unsuccessful.

  30. One of the first steps to success is realizing how much practice professional singers do. I know you don’t see it all the time, but every great singer out there has put in a ton of hard work.

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