Vocal Genie 4: How to choose a key and know your range

Do you know what your vocal range is? Do you know how to pick keys for songs to best suit your voice? Online song sites let you transpose to a different key, but which choice is best for YOU?

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  1. Two questions: one, do you think anyone has the potential to be an at least OK singer? Two, is singing on key the same as singing on pitch? I’m a songwriter, and I’ve been asked to do a showcase in a month, and I know I won’t be like Whitney Houston or anything, but at least decent and comfortable in my voice.

  2. Awesome video! Was just wondering… Say you are in a cover band and you sing a song in a different key, then the guitars would play in a different key? Would that sound strange?

  3. Kaosenel Kosmos

    Very neat and straightforward.  You must be not only a great singer but a great teacher also.  Thank you!!

  4. I’m going to be attending singing lessons in September and one of the biggest fears I have is the vocal teacher and how they’ll be with me personally & just watching your videos and the advice you give is putting me at ease a little! Thank you!

  5. Great video!! So helpful I was wondering why some songs I can sing very well and some I cannot. Most songs like Mariah Carey’s Vision of love, Emotions and Heartbreaker are in the key of C major I believe and naturally that’s where the sweet spot of my voice is. Does that mean every song I sing needs to be in the key of C?

  6. My voice sounds like a walrus that is in heat, that fell off a mountain and broke every bone in its body; while it was choking on a basketball.

  7. I truly need to find my key, sometimes I hurt my voice. I lose my voice quite a lot and I think it’s because I don’t vocalize well not even when speaking. I think The scale you sang at is comfortable for me, the B minor or C minor but I would still like to know from a professional.

  8. Very true Gennie. I liked the part where you make it your own. It is mission critical for the vocalist to truly feel and connect with the piece being sung as opposed to thinking about it on the fly and drifting off to Pluto. Thanks.

  9. I really enjoy your no nonsense explanation and your overall approachability. I’m a voice actor that is thinking of singing some songs (both in my own voice and some of my character voices) for fun and some showcasing. I’m a “shower/car singer” and while I can hold a tune, have no idea of my general range (I was told I was a tenor 2 one time long ago, but not exactly sure what that precisely means – also I’m a bit of a mimic because of my vocation). I’ll be watching your videos a bit for guidance before I take voice lessons in the future.

  10. Recently I feel like I’m breathless no matter the key and the breathing technique. It seems like I’m using up too much air to only produce 3-4 notes. I also lost my highest head notes, it’s as if I was going through puberty again and it drives me nuts. I’ve been trying to find out what to do for a couple of weeks without success :

  11. I have to say, 10 seconds into the video I thought what did I do? I’m happy to say I watched it all, it was funny! Educational! And just a real good tutorial. Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

  12. Alexander Svitych

    Thank you Genie for the great lesson. Your voice is very smooth and pleasant to listen to.

    I’ve got one silly question. I keep struggling with finding “my voice key” when I play the guitar. Let’s say the original song is in the key of F. Now, if it’s high for me, which way should I go? The sequence is A-B-C-D-E-F-G, right? So should I try any key BEFORE F? I keep experimenting both directions, but still can’t find what feels right.

    Thank you and have a great day.

  13. Rizky Hadi Felani

    my problem is if i were going to sing in my key, i need to set my guitar tuning to at least drop D xD, and it takes time for that.
    my Do is at low A#

  14. Raechel Frantom

    You have such a beautiful voice in every key you sing in. You are fun too. Thanks for the help! Very helpful….

  15. I’ve been playing guitar and singing ( howling-lol) for 40 yrs. Thanks for your tips. You could probably teach refrigerator repair and auto tranny rebuilds too. don’t lose your pleasant personality!

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...