Vocal Exercises – How to Sound Natural ( Why Don’t I Sound Good? )

This video discusses how to get a natural sound when you sing. Sing easier! Sing Better! Period.

39 thoughts on “Vocal Exercises – How to Sound Natural ( Why Don’t I Sound Good? )”

  1. Sophie Shear Vocal Coach

    Your voice will naturally begin the day a little deeper while it is waking up. Be sure to maintain a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables and try to stay away from too much sugar and dairy.

  2. This was my main problem! I feel like hugging you!
    Thank you so much, I searched so many videos about what would be wrong with my voice and nothing was really helping!
    But lately I have noticed that whenever I sing, the air that goes out from my throat doesnt go the same way as when I talk, it was always getting out through the top part of my mouth or down on my tongue, not straight on, (I hope you can understand me) making me sound breathy and without ANY volume!

  3. I have this problem!!! Thanks for the advice and ill try what you said!!! YOU ARE ONE OF THE MOST HELPFUL PERSON THAT DOES SINGING LESSONS ON YOUTUBE!!! IM NOT LYING! most of the others dont sing in their videos!!! Your good teacher!!! Thanks:)

  4. You are a really helpful person, no one actually gives these type of lessons unless you click a link in the description and sign up. Thank you sooooooooooo much!

  5. I’ve always wondered that or wanted to ask “what singing was.” How it differed from talking, but … I’m not a musician or singer or don’t operate in those circles, so … I had nobody to ask. Thank you for putting it so simply. Thumbs up ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I just randomly decided to look up videos about singing and wow, I really love how you put things into perspective and use analogies. You make things really comfortable tbh…I’d love to see videos of you singing, you have a really great voice. I’ve come to know this after watching several videos lol…

  7. Thank You so much Sophie. I really appreciate the help and time you put into this video for us. I never new singing was holding out words; I believe I heard it from my choir teacher but I guess I forgot. This really helped me out because I stutter. This fact made made we wonder, why I stutter when talking when I don’t stutter when singing. Wouldn’t that mean I can as easily speak as sing? I would believe so. ๐Ÿ™‚ This relieves me from the stress I have been causing my self to build. Thank You so much for helping me out. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  8. So glad I found this video. I have been singing for years many different styles from country to classical and at present I am singing in the worship team at church. I have been feeling like I’ve lost my way when it comes to singing and have been losing confidence. But I just needed to be reminded what my true voice is:) thank u!!

  9. Heeeeeeeellloooooooooooo, IIIiiiii stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllll ssssssssssoooooouuuunndd lllllliiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkee sshhiiiiiiiittt. Saaaaaaaaaddd faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacee.

  10. Hi ha my name is Victoria
    & I love & can sing but my little sister asks all the time why I don’t sing my normal voice which means my talking voice, I like to sing high notes, I can sing high & low notes but the middle notes that I use when I talk are the most difficult for some reason … Help please I want to be able to sing more naturally & know my voice & make it better

  11. Jesse Schlemmer

    I have watched quite a few different warm up videos, and all have helped, but not to the extent of this one. It seems like such an easy concept, but it completely flew over my head. Thanks!

  12. Hi am a soprano, I sing in a church around a year already but my director told me this:

    “You have trouble with the descending chest voice on D right next to the middle C.”

    And am so worry cose sometimes I feel my air finish and I feel so tense, can you please told me what I can do ,am not a pro. many blessings and thanks so much.

  13. hi, I’m having trouble making my chest voice sound similar to my mixed voice. i’ve been studying opera for a couple of years and I while I sing in that way fine when I try to sing pop or musicals with my chest voice I feel like my voice strains a lot , it’s constantly trying to switch to head voice and it doesn’t sound nice (btw sorry for my English, it’s not my mother tongue)

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