Vocal Coach Reaction to Pewdiepie Singing Despacito

Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to YouTuber Pewdiepie singing Despacito by Justin Bieber & Luis Fonsi

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40 thoughts on “Vocal Coach Reaction to Pewdiepie Singing Despacito”

    I love your videos as well <3 you have such good advice

  2. Do you really think PewDiePie was SERIOUS when He was singing that ? As a Singer and a Musician He’s a Good Guitar player but he sings like shit………. but I don’t think he wants to be one…… His 60 Million Fans dont watch him for his singing and the ONLY REASON I’M ON YOUR SITE IS BECAUSE YOU USED PEWDIEPIE IN THE TITLE!!!!!! Nice ploy for viewers. Oh When your talking about people singing in ” High Notes” when they can’t hit them I call it ” Staying in your Vocal Range “. This is the first thing you learn when you start to sing ,,, Sing Songs you CAN….

  3. Heyy i’m your fan and i’m from Brazil i really wanted you to react to a brazilian drag queen called gloria groove she is amazing 💕

  4. “Pretend that you’re cumming”
    Mate, I’m a 9 yr old this is illegal I’m calling the cops
    😂😂😂 I come from a christian, family friendly channel, this is unacceptable

    Lol I love you have a good day

  5. can u shut the fuck up. let people have fun for once like he’s obviously just joking like you literally said James Charles cover was good like what??? and that ari was lip syncing during the vmas?? like no one gives a fuck pls delete ur channel. no one cares about ur dumb opinions

  6. Uhhhhh I really hope you’ll react to Diva Dance by Jane Zhang,she’s a great singer and she have a stunning voice but I really wanna hear your thoughts on her uwu

  7. You probably don’t take suggestions but someone needs to appreciate how good of a singer Garret Watts is

  8. The Degenerate Weeb

    Hey man, been here for about year when you were still relatively small. Just wanted to say whatup and congratz

  9. I know your a vocal coach and you should seriously react to shakiras mtv unplugged. It’s all completely live and amazing!

  10. ‘React to’ Suggestion :

    In Hong Kong, we are proud to have a sophisticated Canto-Pop industry and there are a lot of talented singer.
    Without a doubt Hins Cheung is one of the best male pop singer in Asia region.
    It would be amazing if you can look into one of his best performance here 🙂

  11. Erlyn Jeanne Sabinay

    Im not gonna get tired of suggesting for you to react to Harry Styles’ cover of Girl Crush and his carpool karaoke. 🙏🏻

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...