Vocal Coach Reaction to Mason Ramsey – Famous

The Walmart Yodelling Boy signed a record deal and has just released his new single “Famous.” Vocal Coach Tristan Paredes breaks it down.

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40 thoughts on “Vocal Coach Reaction to Mason Ramsey – Famous”

  1. Super Sophie 14

    I think instead of it being ‘Yeah i wanna be famous for loving you’ it should be ‘Yeah i wanna be famous for yodeling’😂I mean it kinda works!😂but yeah i really like the song!👍

  2. Sander Lillo

    btw, you can use J&L keys to jump 10 sec and <-&-> arrows to jump 5 sec. Makes manipulating videos and rewatching parts much easier.

  3. Tripp Belcher

    Would really like to see your thoughts and reactions to the vocal performance on post malone’s new album he has definitely grown as a singer and his voice has a very unique sound to it that I’m wondering if you could explain

  4. It is cute. But I’m worried that he doesn’t have any creative control, or at least people who know how to work with his unique voice and direct him in a way that isn’t generic radio country. The lyrics we’re pretty bad, and the production and intstrumentals was flat and uninspired. There’s none of that rawness the original amatuer recording gave, and if the instruments are going to sound like this I say ditch them completely, he doesn’t need them. I wouldn’t be upset if he continued to cover old yodeling tunes, if his people can’t come up with something new.

  5. Hey Tristan, would you be interested in coaching trans men who do not want to use testosterone? (I.E. helping someone with female vocal cords sound male) Have you had experience in coaching trans men?

  6. Please can you react to seventeen seungkwan on the masked singer ??
    If you can here’s the link to the video

  7. React to Lana Del Rey not live best vocals but check out her 2018 vocals, because those videos aren’t that good. See her Lollapalooza Chile or Argentina or Brazil performances. She’s really good in them.

  8. Olivia Bannerman

    You should react to James Charle’s sing off vid he did w/ his friend!! Please please please!!

  9. Yahuchanonyakov

    Well, there have been other young boy country musicians that made it on the big scene in the past…Billy Gillman, Carson Peters, (fiddle player, singer) and Parker Hastings(Guitar player) going all the way back to Ricky Skaggs who started when he was just 7, playing mandolin and singing with his Dad. I think Mason has just as good a chance as anybody else…

  10. Can you please react to Serj Tankians solo songs, because i find his voice so fascinating as well as unique and so successful. Somehow i see my voice in the same genre but i dont know if its a typical cup of tea and would i be successful or was he lucky or prefect or his career as a metal vocalist back then helped his classic unique solos reach alot of audience?

  11. PLEASE REACT TO JAMES CHARLES AND BFF NEW VIDEO HE JUST POSTED . It’s them doing a collab of mashed up songs

  12. I love the turn your channel is taking! I can tell you have been working on the format of your videos and your editing. Keep up the hard work!!

  13. I think the lyrics are great, but his voice is to young for the song. It needs a deeper and more prominent voice rather than the light voice he has

  14. When you brought up he’s been on show after show after show and recording and going to concerts I’m thinking. Does this man go to school

  15. Also plz react to Jessie J singing my heart will go on!!!and Never enough from the greatest showman💘💘💘

  16. I think you should listen to Declan Mckenna, I’m curious what a vocal coach would think of his singing. It’s definitely not the best technically, but it works with his style. And I personally enjoy the uniqueness. It’s definitely not as exaggerated as most of these “indie voice” singers though.

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