Vocal Coach Reaction to Lady Gaga – Bradley Cooper – Shallow – Academy Awards Live – Ken Tamplin

Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin reacts to the live performance at the 2019 Academy Awards!

The results are in. Best Original Song. Shallow gets an Oscar.

Lady Gaga. Bradley Cooper. Academy Awards!

Who can argue with success?

I honestly never thought that when I first heard “Poker Face” that Lady Gaga (her name taken from the Queen song Radio gaga) would have become what she has become.

From all her crazy hairdo’s to zany outfits, some gore and a LOT of sensationalism, Gaga has certainly found her way singing not just pop, but Broadway, rocking’ out with Metallica and even Opera.

Her next phase is combining her music from theater to the big screen like “Shallow.”

So I thought it would be interesting to do a vocal coach reacts to this major award live performance, and put my spin on it.

One more time!

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40 thoughts on “Vocal Coach Reaction to Lady Gaga – Bradley Cooper – Shallow – Academy Awards Live – Ken Tamplin”

  1. Very fair and accurate review as usual my friend! 🙂 Love your stuff, you’re an everyday face for me now 💪🏽👌🏽

  2. Absolutely spot on with the discussion of the level of the bar for music 30-40 years ago vs now. Yep, I am stuck back in the day and it’s rare for me to listen to anything “now”. I’m going to stay that way and help preserve my ears and brain cells. 🙂

  3. I think overall I loved the emotion and sweetness of their performance but he was pitchy and at times she was a bit too forceful on some notes and she seemed out of breathe a few times/ pitchy. Still overall I liked the duet even with the mistakes. The ending was the best and sweetest part. Ok on the singing ; A plus for the chemistry

  4. Totally agree about music being dumbed down. To me the verse in this song is nice. But repeating the word shallow in melisma for the entire refrain is lazy writing. Additionally the chorus is kinda cheesy imo. Greta Van Fleet totally rips Zeppelin even down to Plants hand movements. They deserve all the second rate Zeppelin comments they receive haha

  5. Also Ken, Gaga seems to struggle with the high D natural on “MEET the ground” when she does the chorus at the end. Is she pulling too much chest on it ? Straining for effect ? She struggles with it in another performance too

  6. I like your VOCAL coach reaction. There some vocal coach out there just say something the audience want to hear. It’s waste of time for some people want to learn singing. You did a great job! Thanks a lot for your video make time!!

  7. Mr. Tamplin, you give a fair assessment and a much-needed reminder that not everything that’s hyped is “the real thing.” Could you talk more about Stage Presence? Those who have it, those who don’t and how it can help enhance a performance. Cheers. 🙂

  8. Bruce Monterosso

    I think about what I might sound like in the same situation (🐸), then I think he sounded pretty darn good…..😁✌👍😂

  9. matthewscottsnyder99

    Hey Ken, love your vids. I’m an acting coach and one thing you must consider is that he worked on a “voice” for his character in the film. As you may or may not know, it was in attempt to invoke that of Sam Elliott. After filming was done -he let it go. While I know nothing about singing, so I will defer to your knowledge and experience, he’s trying to sound as close to what he did for the movie, but this is closer to his actual voice and he’s not a trained singer for his actual voice. I know as you said at the beginning you’re not “hating” but giving actual critique, I think if you gave him a few months to “get” that character’s voice back-it would be superior to what he does here. Keep up the great work sir.

  10. So, it was a bit ,,shallow”.. 😉
    But Industry turns to be that way very often..
    So when you realise Led Zeppelin didn’t get some grammy, theres no doubt they ‘re beyond that ,,respective” prize..

  11. I’m on my 30’s and I agree that quality used to be better, even tho technology is better now, and u forget Ken, the times of oh we have to include everyone!!!Tho I love this Gaga an Bradley song, love, it’s like gives me emotion, and goosebumps n it hasn’t happen in awhile , acting is way too real to a point that everyone thinks they r together, well I hope Bradley ain’t cheating on my birth sis IRINA SHAYK, got to mention my Girl and their baby, but smth is strange, chemistry can’t be faked this good!

  12. I think when you look at what is mostly being played on Top 40 radio today, this song, while not a masterpiece, is very refreshing to hear. It is a reflection of just how dumbed down music is today in comparison to thirty or forty years ago.

  13. There’s been a lot of speculation about the chemistry between Gaga and Cooper but I think the point being overlooked is that this guy does not sing for a living. She helps him through it and that is really what we’re seeing when they get close. Not them coming on to each other.

    Also, let’s remember that this guy wrote, directed and starred as lead actor. The academy gave him no love for these major accomplishments. Instead it gives him a chance to fall on his face doing something that is not his day job.

  14. Hi Ken, Very good critique and I know I will enjoy this being an amateur singer myself. First the performance that night and then GAGA in a Star is Born. I thought the performance was very well done and their voices were great. Not a great song but I seem to love it! In the movie I remember only 3 songs in which GAGA’s voice sounded smooth(I mean on the soundtrack) the rest of it …not as easy to reach those high notes. The songs if I remember correctly are I’ll Never Love Again, Look What I Found, and Before I Cry. The duet of Diggin My Grave with the both of them was terrific. Better than Shallow. I hope you like my critique. Debbie

  15. I enjoyed the first Star is Born with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.Bradley had voice training for over a year and he did ok.Im not a fan of Lady Ga Ga but she is a true vocalist and I respect that but I wasn’t impressed with song at all Evergreen was a much better song in my opinion.i notice all the famous ones have same training you teach.You are truly the best out there Ken.Some Of your students I’m sure will teach that level of success but in singing/vocals your course would make anyone who took it seriously could sound as good as anyone famous.This course will keep me employed in music though.God Bless

  16. There is a minus and plus on their performance but in total= PERFECT! Simply beautiful with full of emotions.. feel in love here

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