Vocal Coach Reaction + Analysis + Tears! – TNT Boys – Listen – Little Big Shots

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48 thoughts on “Vocal Coach Reaction + Analysis + Tears! – TNT Boys – Listen – Little Big Shots”

  1. The center is.mackie the fat one is francis the first one who begin the song and left side is keifer..the one with much vibrato….francis is belter mackie with runs …

  2. Justa Yadis John

    I just love you reacting. The best reactor so far. I’m just smiling listening to your helpful and encouraging comments.

  3. have you listened to Lawrence Park here on you tube? he’s done a lot of duets with prerecorded renditions of songs by famous folks. please listen to some of his videos. i think you will be very impressed. look for Lawrence Park Music.

  4. 17:00 the job of the mid man Mackie in lowering the tone preparing for Keifer’s dramatic high @ 17:46 I somehow relate this to an ‘assist’ if it was a basketball game.

    Thank you for your reaction. 💖

    1. RnB Singing Lessons maybe because Mackie has been through so many singing contests he has learned alot of techniques but God! they’re so young to be too technical..

  5. This is what i love from you, coach, you are not only merely reacting but YOU ARE TEACHING. 😊 I could see how great you are as a music teacher or a vocal coach. I learned a lot from you, though im not a singer 😊 but i love listening to music. Thanks much, coach!!

  6. maria salome duran

    I’ve been following every reactions that you made for tnt boys….thank you so much sir… Kiefer is really my favorite but they are all equally good… Proud to be PINOY…. 😊😊😊

  7. Yes,mostly filipino has a bit harder in every word pronounciation.
    Especially they are still young,,

    Example: HAVE they pronounce it HAB

  8. Melvy Oncines

    ‘Cause i enjoyed your video, i just wanna share to you the kids’ story. At first, they’re just playing this song in a local television show, that’s what made them viral. They were not a group by then, it was all just a “for fun performance” of re-enacting a school fight scene through this song and that’s where they got their facial expressions. You can search ggv: mackie kiefer and francis singing listen, this video was where the trio started. There were other two kids at the background that time, their co-contestants, they all came from a national singing competition called tawag ng tanghalan (TNT) kid’s edition. None of the three was titled the grand champion, though they’re all part of the top 5. Such an interesting journey for the three of them that started from a fun imagination of the host, and now, there they are, a world-class talent. Such a great analysis tho, i learnt so much from you 👍🏻👍🏻 good job

  9. Abegail Dusaban

    Sir please to react to tnt boys singing somebody love in Little Big Shot us. this is a new one..

  10. Wenmedz Abarte

    Please do the reaction of TNT boys singing “SOMEBODY TO LOVE YOU”..they’re invited to LITTLE BIG SHOT US for the 2nd time.

  11. Your too bad in accent. That why another lady coach hates you too much co’z u know nothing she said. LOL

  12. Maria Fe Lopez

    they were back at the same show and sang ‘Somebody to love by Queen, please make a reaction to it. one made a sustained whistle, I’m blown away…yours is the best reaction so far, excellent for it is very informative, you’re good, thanks

  13. Rabie Pasturan

    Please react to the latest appearance of the TNT boys in the Little Bisshots US on Somebody to Love.

  14. Bulex Extensiom

    These are kids whos English is their secondary language, the accent atm is still there but as they grow older it may not be that thick as now….and accent is just makes it uniquely their own some how.

  15. Bulex Extensiom

    And btw francis as I heard were just collecting garbage or works in the street at a very young age before his stint in Tawag Ng Tanghalan (TNT) competetion. So je has no formal training in english…he just sing as he hears the words.

  16. Cristina Alano

    Hey Coach, you need to react to their Little Big Shots US performance..they were invited back and they sang Somebody To Love by Queen. 😊

  17. I love so much ur reaction for TNT boys so pls react into their somebody to love rendition on little big shot us

  18. 🇵🇭💓🇵🇭💓🇵🇭 While the rest of the kids in the world is busy playing video games, Filipino kids sing songs even before they walk so by 7 to 10yrs old they’re on international stage and YouTube global community going viral. Lol. Excellent analysis as always and brilliant feedbacks! 👌👏👏✍🎤🎵🎶🎼More love from Toronto. *shout out from Filipino-Canadian

  19. They’ve all got unique wonderful voices but together, be it in unison or harmony, they’re spectacular! I love that in unison, you can really hear them as one and that’s amazing. I super enjoy your reactions and analysis and learn so much from you. I love these kids I can imagine how proud their folks are. They would certainly need to enhance their enunciation but that’s secondary. They’re on the right track wowing the world. Thanks again.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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