Vocal Coach Reaction & Analysis – So Hyang – Arirang Alone

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39 thoughts on “Vocal Coach Reaction & Analysis – So Hyang – Arirang Alone”

  1. Yes!!!! I was waiting for you to react to her!!! A lot of people are recommending you check out her “bridge over troubled water” performance because you get to see that duality in her voice; however, her performances on the show “King of the Masked Singer” are great as well (but you’ll need to find those on Vimeo). She honestly gets better and better with age & King of the Masked Singer is some of her most recent stuff. I would check out “My love”, “Do you know”, “Breathe” (especially if you like her head voice), or “Hug me”. But honestly whatever you watch of hers will be amazing.

  2. Hi I would love you react to soh yhangs Bridge Over Troubled Water, . I have watch mostly all of ur detailed analysis and I really like your professionalism and understanding what a performance really is. More power bro . . .

  3. Gabriel Angelo Guerrero

    Please react on Sohyang’s version of “Bridge over Troubled Water”. A heartfelt version of her. Thanks for reacting the song Arirang a traditional folk song. God bless!

    1. Gabriel Angelo Guerrero

      Thanks sir! Im waiting for you to watch Sohyang’s version of Bridge over Troubled Water. She is a Korean Christian Singer. Sohyang, Dimash and Regine Velasquez are the Asians pride when in comes in singing. God bless and thanks! 👏😁

  4. this is possibly one of the best reactions i’ve seen out there to her and i’m so happy.. thank you so much for this 🙂

  5. In an interview the other day she did mention she would practice a new song 100 times before performing, so when she went on stage she never had to think about technicalities, just the emotion of the performance. Just like a professional violinist.

  6. And as you probably know – just about all her singing is equally mind boggling, moving and riveting. Korea’s best kept secret from the world. I like that you look at all the small things that make a note. If just pick out and listen to any single note she sings you will see it receives some sort of treatment, there isn’t a wasted note.

  7. i appreciate you wanting to be outside but it interfers with you’re additions to the performance and hearing all clearly. try staying inside from now on.

  8. Munkee F10W3Rr1ng

    Thank you so much for your reaction and analysis to Sohyang. I look forward to going through the rest of your analysis videos.

  9. Yanti Ismail

    Please react to imfact taeyeon

    The singer name is jeup from a group call imfact. His covering that song. What do you think of his vocal?

  10. Thank you for the analysis! It’s always so interesting to hear the thoughts of a teacher and it’s cool that you watch first and then do an analysis later. I’ve never seen that before. Your voice is also very soothing lol.

  11. Please react to So Hyang – you raise me up. This song is very different from the way she usually sings this song. And she sings on April 23, 2018. If I’m not mistaken. So this is new 😳😍

    I hope you enjoy 😁
    I’m sorry for my bad English 🙏

  12. Samiyah Corelli

    I don’t know why but I got so annoyed when you adjusted the camera lol I was like FOCUS ON SO HYANG haha

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...