41 thoughts on “Vocal Coach Reaction & Analysis – Katrina Velarde – Go The Distance”

  1. She’s great but her style in singing this was copied off of Regine Velasquez’s performance. I wish she put in her own style. Still, great voice. If you can sing like Regine, then you must be great.

  2. This tiny woman can literally make microphones pee themselves ! She sings at the same time as gentle as a butterfly and grows into a bull ! Excellent use of her diaphragm and if I may say her pronunciation is PERFECT ! Just before the end she gave me so many chills !

  3. You are not just reacting but you gave viewers a correct analysis from the performer and your insight indeed is educational, unlike other people who do the reaction, you are by fat different sir. Good luck and thank you for sharing your views.

  4. I love this cover of katrina of the go to the distance, because the high ranges and how long she can hold it, plus how easy she does it.

  5. Shirmen Paspasan

    Hello sir..she is so amazing!!!!!!!i love her voice!!!and i also like the you reacted to her..thank you so much..by the way, whats that noise? ….are you in the park or somewhere? Hehehehe.i can feel the distraction on your face, well, i guess im right!…..thank you ang god bless…..

  6. sweetcar genese

    I love the way you react to my idol Katrina..hope more reaction to katrina si cute sir love that smile😊 godbless u

  7. Dorman Chandler

    Thanks for the info. FYI the Kat can do 18 o 20 seconds at full belt or running. She does 16 on the end of this song and same in Never Enough. Stay safe

  8. Rose May Asuero

    Pls react to Charice Pempengco.. One of the contenders of Katrina way back when they are both joining singing contest as young teens..

  9. Hi sir! Please react to this video, Katrina Velarde singing again in her first concert “Go the distance”. You can watch the video in this link.

  10. Sir im 15 years old. But that is go the distance for the movie herculis. Maybe pops can tell his childhood. Thx btw for pilipino/pilipina singers.

  11. Finalllyyyyyyy a person that could match up to regines performances in the past. She HAS TO BE GIVEN THAT BIIIIIIG BREAK

  12. she is really one of the best filipina singers I have heard of all the talents that the country has. she is so pleasant to listen to

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