Victoria Justice’s Vocal Lesson with Vincent/ Singing Lady Gaga Speechless

Crazy vocal lesson with my amaaazing teacher Vincent last week! Just us having fun and being weird and me singing Speechless by Lady Gaga.

P.S. Didn’t have a karaoke track, so it’s me singing along with Ms.Gaga


44 thoughts on “Victoria Justice’s Vocal Lesson with Vincent/ Singing Lady Gaga Speechless”

  1. I love them both Victoria’s voice is good and so is Ariana’s but I find
    that Ariana’s new music sounds exactly like Mariah Carey so it dosent
    really seem original but I still like her as a singer

  2. Micah J'lynn Coleman

    You arianators are so stupid and annoying. I love both but every time im
    watchong a video of one of them. The comments always compare them both how
    bout u comparw yourself to them and see where u stand stop with the

  3. just because Victoria doesn’t have a strong voice doesn’t mean you can hate
    on her for that. she never bullied ariana, if you were an actual
    “arianator” you would’ve known that seventeen misquoted ariana like 3
    months ago. you must be a HUGE fan judging on how much you need catching up

  4. she’s so freaking beautiful and her voice sounds perfect as fuck if you
    support Ariana it doesn’t mean you have to hate on the others…it’s not
    about competition guys they both enjoy and love to sing so much!!!

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  6. Kaitlin Baron

    Your so lucky to be beautiful D: I know “everyone is beautiful in their own
    way” but if you saw me……nah that just…..nah that wouldn’t fit. And
    your also lucky to have an epic voice


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  9. But when I was played two tones and asked to sing them back, I was sometimes able to sing them back in the right order, but wouldn’t always correctly tell which was higher or lower.

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  12. Mariana Brooks

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