Using the Diaphragm – Brighton Singing Lessons

Brighton Singing Lessons, Free Breath Stamina Exercise. How the Diaphragm works, how to build breathing stamina, and a free exercise to music!

38 thoughts on “Using the Diaphragm – Brighton Singing Lessons”

  1. I’m a teenager, 14 years old and my voice is soo deep😞 When i sing it
    sounds horrible.. How do i get rid of it. What do i need to do to sing
    good? And not this horrifying😭

    It would help me so much if you could respond …. Thank you! 

  2. HI, great help thanks, I just have a question in regards to the pressure on
    the chest muscles to sing, how do you know if you are putting the right
    pressure???, I think Im putting to much pressure on my neck muscles as they
    hurt after I sing, so I have been told the pressure should be on your chest
    muscles, but how do you know your putting the right pressure on them??

  3. I got useful tips from this video thanks a lot but i found that i am not
    taking deep breath and m speaking too fast. How can i make my voice
    balanced and smooth like you ?!! i read that honey is good for vocal ,
    please give some tips those who speak too fast and having high pitch .
    thanks a lot , nice work

  4. Hi there. Should I be concentrating contracting the muscle or inhaling (air
    thru mouth) first? I mean. at times when I sing, I like to focus on my
    stomach and expanding it then the inhaling part. I noticed the air move in
    easily without the huuuhh sound. Is this a good practice? I hope you can
    give me your view on this and I have made my question clear enough.Thanks
    for the vid too.

  5. Thus Imbulagoda

    should the sensation in the chest and ribs area when youre singing
    (exhaling phase) feel tension free?
    I feel as if when i completely relax, the air comes out quickly and the
    tone sounds easy and smooth 

  6. thanks chip .I want to thank you for your generosity to share your valuable
    techniques which are helping me day by day ….Thankyou very much .This is
    Navish from India

  7. I thought that was great! Especially in practice how short the inhale is,
    as this is rarely shown in other videos.. so far, regardless of the volume
    level changing in your vid, this is the best diaphragm control lesson I’ve
    seen and I’ve seen a few. You have a natural skill for clear, simple and
    effective teaching so keen to watch more.. 

  8. SBS “Aspergican” man

    There is a mechanism at work in breathing. The parts include the
    abdominal/thorax muscles, abdominal organs and their compressive forces,
    the lymphatic system (what breathing is really about). For therapeutic
    reasons the chest expands to allow lymph flow in the abdominal organs (most
    lymph nodes here) upward toward the heart (subclavian veins to be precise).
    Look at the area from the throat to pelvis as a series of pressure chambers
    to move fluids (blood and lymph) into proper circulation. There is also an
    area behind the thoracic/abdominal organs called the retro peritoneal and
    retro plural areas that move transversely (back and forth) with the moving
    of the diaphragm up and down. Nice video, thanks! Its all about movement of
    air and fluids and energy period.

  9. I’m not sure you are quite right about breathing through the nose for
    ‘classical singing’ – generally for any style of singing, surely it is
    better to breathe through the mouth? There might be occasions when you want
    to breath through the nose, for a slow intake when you have plenty of time,
    but you’ll never get the breath quick enough for a full, low breath through
    the nose, whatever style you sing! As a professional opera singer, I have
    always been advised to breathe through the mouth. 

  10. The sweetness and the tone of your voice adds to the already great video
    you made to explain about the diaphragm and the breathing
    technique…….thanks for sharing…….hope I see more of these :)

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