Twang Vocal Technique – Sarah Brickel Singers Advice

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Brought to you by Singers Advice, Sarah Brickel takes you through lesson 6 Twang.

40 thoughts on “Twang Vocal Technique – Sarah Brickel Singers Advice”

  1. Even your speaking voice is beautiful @o@! This is the magic responsible —
    singing? — thanks for the lesson too Always tried the nay nay stuff, but
    the nya’s feel much better

  2. I feel like I understated the awesomeness of this exercise btw Thanks so
    much! My high notes sound so full now I just gotta work on descending down
    without breaks.

  3. Intro To Fashion

    Thank You, Sarah, so much for sharing your WONDERFUL expertise and
    immeasurable experience with us. God has truly Blessed you with a great and
    powerful gift, and we are more than fortunate to be learning from you! Take
    care, and please keep us tuned in =>

  4. in reality all notes resonance on the larinx, mouth and nose period, but
    the vibrations travel trhough your body and u can feel them on the head
    with high notes, that i why its called hadvoice. while chest voice (low
    notes) you feel those well.. in your chest.

  5. I know the difference, i study opera.(and FYI the main difference is that
    in each type of voice the vocal chords touch in different places) my
    question was that if doing twang when she went to the high notes it was
    with chest or head voice, with that technique some people can hit really
    high notes with chest

  6. Hi Sarah, I think you are great and thank you so much for the lessons. I
    was just wondering if you could explain the reason for this excersize? I am
    new at singing lessons. Thanks. Carma

  7. I’m listening to this exercise from time to time and can hear that teacher
    starting from G – G-A-H kind of covering the sound. Is that necessarily?

  8. Antonello Tintinaglia

    Caruso, Schipa, Gigli, maria Callas, Renata Tebaldi, did not use any Twang.
    Must be a reason. How is possible that an heavenly singing comes out from
    horrible sounds??

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...