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Do you guys have any video suggestions ?


intro miha: good day – rolly
2nd intro: chungha – roller coaster

JBJ – My flower

Suzy – ‘다른사람을 사랑하고 있어’ (If someone know the song’s name in Romanization plz tell me in the comment)

Gfriend – Fingertip

OLNL – Foreign student (You need the hear the song at least once. It’s a really good song but I just laughed so hard when the whistle part came hahaha)

BTS – Save me

NU’EST W – Where you at

EXO – Power

I.O.I – Whatta man

Triple H – 365 FRESH

PSY – New face

Taeyeon – Why

KARD – Rumor

Mamamoo – Yes I am

Elris – Pow pow (I like Elris too much)

EXO – Ko ko bop

Wanna One – Energetic

HyeongseopXEuiwoong – It will be good (I love this song)

NCT U – The 7th sense

AKMU – How people move

MONSTA X – Beautiful

MASC – Do it (Masc deserve much more attention, they’re so talented !)

Laboum – Hwi hwi

BTS – Blood sweat and tears

Sunmi – Gashina

KARD – Don’t recall

Bigbang – Bang bang bang

Golden child – DamDaDi

TWICE – Knock knock

Winner – Sentimental

N.Flying – Hot potato (I recently discovered N.Flying and I’m totally in love with this group !)


Unit Black – steal your heart

SVT – Clap

Dreamcatcher – fly high

Block B – Shall we dance

Highlight – Plz don’t be sad

ONF – On/off

Red Velvet – Peek-a-boo

Girlkind – Fanci (I don’t really like the song but the dance is really good ! And am I the only one who laughed when I saw the shirt IKEA that was wearing one of the girl ? hahahah)

Momoland – Bboom bboom (I listen to this song about 300x a day lmao)

X.Q – Long time (I don’t really like the song but the boy is very very handsome hahah)

Blackpink – Playing with fire

Chungha – Why don’t you know

10cm – Pet (His voice gosh)

IU – Palette ft. GD

History – Queen

VIXX – Shangri la

Infinite – Bad

Oh my girl – Closer

CLC – I like it (this song was one of my favorite before but I listened to it to much and now I still like it but a lot much less)


GOT7 – Never Ever

OGUOGU – Ice chu

Bigbang – FXXK IT

Astro – Baby

Pentagon – Violet

Younha – Parade (I fell in love with this song at the first listen)

I know propably the most of you guys didn’t read what I wrote in the parenthesis but I keep writing these things I don’t really know why hahah

SUJU – Blacksuit


  1. Chungha, Suzy, gfriend, BTS(my kings) exo, IOI, hyuna, psy, KARD, MAMAMOO(goddesses of kpop😍), super Junior, bigbang, TWICE(the cutest things ever!💗), red velvet(Wendy’s vocals and Irene’s beauty all in one group💙💗) ,block b, IKON, MOMOLAND(I love JOOE’s energy❤️), Blackpink(my queens), sunmi, princess IU💜and rainbow💝💘

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