TOP 10 | Most DIFFICULT SONGS to sing in The Voice Kids

We’ve made a list of 10 young singers in The Voice Kids that sang the most difficult songs. Which popular song is the hardest to sing?

🚨 This video features the following performances:
1. Manu – Chandelier (Sia)
2. Iris Verhoek – All By My Myself (Céline Dion)
3. Yaroslav – Nessun Dorma (Pavarotti)
4. Nikki – Creep (Radiohead)
5. Daneliya Tuleshova – Rise Up (Andra Day)
6. Gwen – Since U Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson)
7. Marijana Maksimovic – Run (Leona Lewis)
8. Katarina – I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston)
9. Nguyễn Thu Huyền – Never Enough (Loren Allred)
10. Laura – I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston)

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46 thoughts on “TOP 10 | Most DIFFICULT SONGS to sing in The Voice Kids”

  1. Best of The Voice Kids

    Hi guys, we made a mistake. The 7th performance in this TOP 10 video (Marijana Maksimovic) isn’t a performance of The Voice Kids but from the adult version. But… We’ve checked her age during her journey in The Voice of Germany and she was 16 years old. 😬 So, officially she’s still a child haha. Sorry!

  2. Even my uncle, who was only BTW hearing the music from a far, said that the Vietnamese girl has a great voice. And told him no one turned a chair and he said buang smh

  3. oh no! they were all good, I cannot choose..they have all amazing talents and so unfair to choose…but I have chosen a while ago that All by Myself…

  4. the Vietnamese girl is good, she has a strong and huge vocal but her voice still need to refine..with time, I`m sure she`ll be the best! goodluck girl…

  5. •Everly Gacha•

    It sounds weird when the singers in the past literally pronounced the words in their songs weirdly.. Right? Like Ohbahmahselff, all by myself, sounds like Obama’s elf LOL

  6. •Everly Gacha•

    I felt bad for the 2nd to end little girl.. Her voice is amazing.. Poor her.. She must’ve cried.. 🙁 . I mean, a little girl, that has a deep adult flipping voice amazes me :3 I hope she comes back again, she’s amazing, she just needs more practice that’s all!

  7. Crystal Jaundoo

    That little Asian girl sung better than anyone there(no offense to the other singers) but she deserves to sing as a famous person she’ll inspire alot of other young singers in the future…….I’m waiting for one day she puts it up to y’all

  8. How did no one vote for that Asian girl. .
    Her voice is amazing!

    (Sorry if it sounds rude just calling her Asian – I just don’t know where she is from in Asia)

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