Tips on How to Sing – How to sing high without shouting

A brief video going through the necessary adjustments so that you can sing on your middle high voice without pushing or forcing.

The video on vowel adjustment/covering:

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10 thoughts on “Tips on How to Sing – How to sing high without shouting”

  1. I agree that the loud chest doesn’t really fit this song, but damn if that isn’t one powerful instrument you have Felipe! Good content also. I feel like holding the voice, like you mentioned, is a common thing among many singers in the radio today. Maybe even so much so that it has become a big part of the “radio-sound” that we commonly recognize and try to mimic when singing those songs.

    Not necessarily a bad thing as long as one doesn’t hurt himself (I guess), but at least in this video I enjoyed the covered sound you demonstrated much more than the one with the hold.

    1. Felipe Carvalho

      Jusu yes the difference is big. The held back quality is still useful of course, but in my opinion learning to cover and the rest of the technique is the “bread and butter”. There is also the aspect of the laryngeal coordination that is much easier to train in this way (after you learn to do this you can just choose one of these effects if you want so).

      And thank you πŸ™‚

    1. Felipe Carvalho

      VIDEOHEREBOB yep good support is what allows me to blast it out in plain chest voice or cover the sound, as I said in the middle of the video without it, it just won’t work!

  2. What I like about this is that control is required at all times. There is no time you are just talking in a song. Control the low, middle, and high.

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