Tiffany Alvord’s Vocal Lesson – Tiffany Takeover Ep. 8

Tiffany’s already a great singer, but since she’s so dedicated to her craft, she never stops practicing and trying to get better. head behind the scenes with Tiffany Alvord as she goes to her vocal coach for a singing lesson. watch #TiffanyTakeover and see how she prepares to rock out for her fans.

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Edited by: Éli Sokhn

hey #breakers watch Tiffany Alvord on @AwesomenessTV’s Tiffany Takeover where we follow her on as she tours and travels with exclusive behind the scenes footage of Tiffany on the road, playing guitar, and performing for sold out crowds of her fans.

42 thoughts on “Tiffany Alvord’s Vocal Lesson – Tiffany Takeover Ep. 8”

  1. everyone knows how to belt, some people can do it higher than others, which is great. if she’s had singing lessons for all these years and is a professional singer she should not now be learning to belt.

  2. I think her voice is really pretty and it’s nice to hear! I guess it’s a bit weak but I also think that she’s kinda soft-spoken and has just a tiny bit of this faraway feel to it like Taylor Swift’s. I hope she keeps working hard and keeps on improving~!

  3. It seems you’re hurting your throat when you’re trying to reach the high notes, If you don’t have that sound you shouldn’t do it ’cause you can have a lot of problems
    It doesn’t make one better to be able to reach the high notes, your voice can be beautiful been a Contralto or Mezzosoprano… maybe it’s that your voice bulkiness is less in the higher notes

  4. Quite observant! Ear plugs – A Vocal Coach’s Most Important Piece of Studio Equipment. New blog at my website with this title. When my students get good at their vocal technique, it becomes really easy for them to sing high notes with a lot of power and the lessons can get pretty loud. I use ear plugs when doing exercises that have a high db level. I can hear subtle nuances in the singers technique better with the plugs in. Small details jump out that might get lost at 120 decibels.

  5. Tom Appell is an awesome teacher i`ve been working with him for awhile now
    and i`m really becoming an awesome singer. i recommend this guy to anyone who wants
    to sing. rock on

  6. This guy Thomas Appell is pretty legit, I looked at his website and saw he taught Noodles from THE OFFSPRING and the guy extended his range by 7 notes after only 2 lessons! That’s crazy and the band’s next album sold more than 10 million copies. No wonder Tiffany and all of the pro’s train with him.

  7. Yo that vocal coach dude Thomas Appell also trained Melissa Schuman… oh man she is so slamming HOT!!! Remember her from that Pop group DREAM? I was reading she extended her range by 8 notes after just 3 lessons? How does this dude do it? It’s CRA CRA!!!

  8. Tiffany I already love your voice! I think it is great you are even perfecting your voice more. I was really impressed by the high notes you hit. Ha! Great! ヅ ヅ ヅ ヅ ヅ ヅ ヅ Sm:)e

  9. i love tiffany alvord <3 <3 <3 she's an inspiration, not like that slut taylor swift that gets called an inspiration and is a player who have been with more than 20 guys

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