Thom Yorke, Why you can’t sing FALSETTO..

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71 thoughts on “Thom Yorke, Why you can’t sing FALSETTO..”

  1. What I love about Thom is that when he sings he just goes off into his own world of the music. Disconnected from what is about him to just perform. Seen radio head live once around King of Limbs era. Just epic show.

  2. Thom’s tone is thin, plaintive, vulnerable, etc., but his intonation is on point. CJF has quite a few intonation issues in this video.

    I point this out to draw attention to the difficulty of singing this light, airy style while staying in tune. Thom is really great at this. He’s conveying a ton of emotion, sometimes using tone that is not classically thought of as “correct” or beautiful, but the notes are accurate. This is vital to pulling it off.

    1. Carl John Franz

      The demo’s here are more than good enough to get the point across, it’s not a performance the point is to get broad concepts across not to sound exactly right at all times xx

  3. Sorry but while you have a nice voice, you don’t have the originality or the wow factor that Tom does. He is one of the biggest reasons that they are the greatest band ever…

  4. Would love to hear you take on Morrissey. His voice is fascinating and to my ear the absolute impeccable balance of tuneful craft with some eccentricities to make it interesting and powerful.

    Aside from the obvious tunes, something like “lucky lisp” really shows his power.

  5. I’m going through your content as a new sub…I absolutely love this. You talk the talk and walk the walk…I love this breakdown and you accentuate this by singing the exact part you are analyzing. ..bravo.

  6. Hey this turned out to be a great video! Made me realize things I hadn’t noticed before. Also, are you gonna do Matt Bellamy from Muse? One of my favorite rock singers along with thom yorke.

  7. Tennison Regalla

    Thom Yorke has such an amazing voice…let me demonstrate by using my voice…ie I am amazing ….jeez!!. That “moment” section was so funny where you took several attempts to get it right and then pretended you did that on purpose just to show how hard it is…yeah right!! “….but then I got there slowly..but that’s just to show you” yeah that was just to show us LOL

  8. Went to college with Thom and he wasn’t always that good, nothing greater than lots of self assurance and some good mates at the time. Good formula.

    1. Carl John Franz

      this is a great story, he clearly improved hugely through their first two / three records the dude was obviously working very hard to get good.

  9. Really Brilliant video mate, I am already a big Thom Yorke fan, and you have just taken my appreciation to the next level. Thanks for breaking it down so smoothly.

  10. Dwx Beta.Elavator

    Nice vid dood. Voice on point. Radiohead is my goto for mood phases. I listen to a lot of my own stuff (no vocals, have to work the instruments to fill that gap), but when I’m not analysing my tracks, I like to switch between Thom, portishead, Dj Krush, shadow etc….A lot of love to the melancholia.
    Be lucky. Sub’d

  11. Definitely misleading title. Though after that, amazing deconstruction of Thom. So nice to hear someone understand that it’s not just “falsetto” but working within the available frequency range to create an ideal saturation of audible range.

  12. Under pressure in front of audience: it is not how it works. 2000 people in front of you is different than 20 people or camera. Crowd becomes a different entity than sum of it’s parts. That’s why some artists do stadiums but fail to do proper interview. And why some people may be easily playing on camera or on the street in front of a view people, but will fail on a stadium.

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