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Vocal Programs can be very different in content. Very few vocal programs teach you the techniques used in Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. It can be very difficult to compare one vocal course to another. You should realize that the techniques used in Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy are the ones used by professional singers in world-class singing situations. KTVA gives you the tools you need to transform your voice into what you’ve always wanted it to be.

42 thoughts on “THE TRUTH ABOUT VOCAL TRAINING by Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy”

  1. Bob Hohenberger

    I watched this video on The Truth About Singing Lessons several years
    ago… It changed my singing life! Vocal lessons by Ken Tamplin are the
    most effective lessons money can buy. Stop searching and start learning!
    This is what you’re looking for!

  2. I have a question, what if you never singed before and not sure if you can
    sing or not, is it possible to learn how to sing with voice lessons?

  3. Unfortunately I cannot afford singing lessons (my income is less than € 300
    per month), but I watched your YouTube stuff. Impressive! I like the sound,
    I like the way you instruct people and the way you keep ’em motivated. If I
    had the money, I’d happily spend it for your lessons. I like the good ol’
    classic stuff (Whitesnake, Dokken, Bonfire, …), but without proper
    lessons and training I’ll probably never be able to sing their songs.
    Well…just sayin’ that from what I was able to see and hear, your lessons
    are worth every dollar :)

  4. do you believe that 22yrs old is too old to start learning to sing and
    possibly try in make a career out of it? everyone tells me I’m crazy and
    too old. please be honest with me, thanks

  5. OlympusHeavyCavalry

    I understand what your saying Ken. You put your money where your mouth is &
    show your students likewise. :)

  6. Hey Ken, was wondering if you have any opinions on metal singing(growling),
    I would like to learn that style but am concerned about stressing the vocal
    chords by doing it wrong. I wasn’t sure if regular vocal lessons could

  7. @Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy
    I just want to get an advice how to improve my voice …i dont even know
    what is my voice range i really admire you how you teach your students …
    Im live in the philippines , i’m a filipino and you inspire me a

  8. Thank you for this video. I have been trying to improve my singing for
    almost about 3 years now, with two different teachers, both of whom
    disappointed me a lot. They both told me that, if I do this and that,
    singing powerful high notes will be easy, and not stressful at all. Now I
    understand that this is just not true, and one has to gradually gain vocal
    stamina by strengthening the muscles that control the vocal cords, so that
    those high notes will be possible to take. And this takes time, and
    patience, but it is possible. The very idea of stress free singing actually
    – and quite ironically – caused my voice some serious damage too, since I
    was trying to immediately sing crazy hard stuff, trying to implement their
    so called “technique”, which of course did not immediately turn me into any
    singing master at all. That takes time and effort.

  9. Please I domt know how to sing and I would like to know how. I been wanting
    to sing since I was little and I still do.

  10. Chevy Eubanks

    Ken how do I know of I’m a good singer or not I’m 11 Yeats old I think I
    sing pretty good eveyone tells me that I’m the best signer they ever heard

  11. Valory Valentine

    your such a sweet soul guided by god ken that you wouldnt shaft us on our
    money thinking we can become famous singers in 3 weeks! groovy man! props!

  12. Valory Valentine

    can an alto chic like myself really sing high???????????is that really
    possible as it seems impossible :(((((((((((((

  13. Valory Valentine

    jesus ken last thing i have to say is you are def. very confident in
    yourself and i luv that about your vibe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… many years
    did it take for you to get to that point as a singer in thinking your the

  14. ken you were recomended to me by a mentor of mine in the music industry im
    just starting out as a singer and i think ive got the voice but i have no
    control do you have any tips or maybe a video to look up

  15. @ken tamplin looking to increase my vocal prowess, what can i do to make my
    voice sound better and not tire it after a few gigs

  16. Okay, my name is Nico, and I’ve been watching your videos. but I’ve yet to
    find one that explains the physical aspect of a clear vocal projection. I
    was wondering if you could tell me why my voice sounds “froggy” when i go
    into my higher range? and how can i fix it?
    Thank you Ken.

  17. Δημήτρης Δικμάνης

    Hello Ken! Im interested in buying your program. If im not mistaken, the
    pro bundle consists of 6 dvds and 3 mp3 cds? Is there anywhere i can check
    the “table of contents” short of thing? The “chapters” covered etc? Thank
    you! Dimitris

  18. Sir,is there any lesson for vocal tension dysphonia or muscle tension
    I have sent to u a clip of my voice recording back in 2012, on which you
    gave some negative feedback unless my voice completely collapsed due to
    pushing up my larynx and trying to hit the high notes and also practicing
    in that way.So now for 3 years almost i have never been able to sing
    properly with always tension at my right side which has increased the
    tremor of my voice at high notes and my voice cuts and diminishes at those
    I was a young kid back then and didnt understand most of the things and
    even my vocal coach here couldnt find out my fault like the SLPs.
    So if there is any exercise, sir??
    It will be very helpful.
    Thanking you,

  19. Hey Ken! I’m wondering, am i able to sing dynamically with your technique
    method, like soft pop/rock/ R&B etc with the coloring/tonality as i want or
    do i have to develop a whole separate technique for that?

  20. Hey, Ken, The problem I have my speaking voice is very nasally and
    everytime I try to sing it is very nasally and I would love to stop
    that…lol does your course help that?
    also I find my falsetto is good and I have a powerful voice but I also find
    it gets out of control and I usually go sharp. can the course help that.

  21. Hi Ken, I know it’s a long shot comment but myself I am a throat cancer
    survivor, I’ve had my right vocal cord completely removed and been cancer
    free/tobacco free since. I used to be an avid karaoke singer/MC. It’s taken
    almost two years to get my voice back to full power. I worked with a speech
    therapist after my surgery and just practiced talking everyday after the
    surgery. I am back to singing here and there, mainly metal music because
    it’s what’s in my vocal range, I can’t rap anymore just because it uses too
    much air in one verse to say that many words and no real way to meter
    breathing while doing so. But am I doing my good vocal cord any harm by
    singing? Two years ago, I was basically whispering and as of today, My
    natural singing/shouting voice is similar to most metal bands. Given that
    known fact that I have only one vocal cord is it good or bad to sing?
    Physically it feels fine, when I get short on breath I stop just because I
    don’t want to pass out from singing. But I was watching your video and you
    are absolutely right the voice is a muscle. I have seen the improvement
    over two years. I never thought I’d be in front of people singing again
    after my surgery. I know I am stuck in a baritone range and I’ve accepted
    that, I know I can go higher or lower and I probably am one of the unique
    ones asking this question. I know I plan on going through the channel to
    see if I can re learn any tricks I used to know. Maybe I got lucky with
    being able to sing again, just from being a singer prior I won’t say I was
    great but I could rock a karaoke show good prior to everything. On a side
    note I am in the process of learning guitar, but even hitting a song dead
    on playing guitar doesn’t compare to nailing a song singing :). Anyhow your
    intro video gave me a smile hearing some truth and exactly what you said
    about the voice being a muscle, everyone asked me how I got my voice back I
    could never really explain it other than speaking constantly or singing.
    Anyhow I watched your video and it made me content.

  22. Francisco Arraiz

    Hey, Ken, I’m from another country called Venezuela I have been living on
    Canada for three years now with my parents and my sibling, I’m also 15
    years old and I just started singing and I had my first concert a few weeks
    back from this day. Me and my band called 17 hours played Last Night by the
    strokes and for next concert we waned to play Caugh Syrup by Young the
    giant and I was hoping you could do a video of you singing it and
    explaining what to do. Hope you see this.

  23. Hello sir I m masooma…. M mad about singing… but I knw nothing about
    it… Plz can u help me towards a video or something tht can help me as a
    beginner or can u teach me… Plz help me… M very serious about tht

  24. Hey, loved your vid, I just wanted to ask you, in order to become a vocal
    coach, did you have to take any qualifications to be qualified as a teacher
    if yes which ones? I am looking to also become a vocal coach but not sure
    how to go about this.

  25. So, you possibly can fake that you are the main star in Bollywood and sing to your coronary heart’s content material by Bollywood karaoke music.

  26. Other students purely wish to sing for pleasure or come along to restore their vocal range to what it once was.

  27. Even although these girls that males see in porn may not be as lovely as their wives and girlfriends, however they are infinitely more entertaining and engaging.

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Learn to sing like a proLast chance to get your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...

Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...