the secret to singing super high notes

Learn how to to sing high notes in a mix. The singing exercises in this video will teach you how to sing in a light mixed voice which is the foundation for belting.

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46 thoughts on “the secret to singing super high notes”

    About high notes for males
    Specialy me i had probleme with falsetto range
    Thank u soooooooooo much soooo much

  2. Head voice yeah that’s how you do it thanks guy I could do it before but now I know what I’m doing

  3. I’ve been fine hitting high notes with power but I have trouble singing high while singing softly. Anytime a song as a very light and delicate voice with high notes, it’s immensely hard for me to hit.

  4. Lucas Squalala

    I’m happy i Can reach a C5 like Freddie Mercury in Boh Rhap but i have to puch a little (i’m already in puberty i don’t have a full kid voice but it’s deeper, that’s why it’s incredible for me

    1. Jiminie And exposed shoulder

      +Adam Mishan also can you help with something else… When i sing i also lose air real fast expecially when i am moving can yo help

  5. Jason Carlin

    I’m sure there’s a lot of great information in here, but the music that keeps coming in the background every time you start speaking is super distracting.

  6. i’m actually C#5, and that’s pretty low for the musics i like to sing, WELL CMON LIKE IT’S JUST A FEW MORE NOTES TO DEVELOP

  7. I really appreciated that. My question is, why do some vocals sound more pleasing than other voices? I can switch through my head, mix and chest voice without huge problems but it won’t just sound good. I know that it also takes some time to make your voice sound more pleasing, but I still ask myself, why is that so?

    1. Alot of tonal problems come from the position of one’s larynx. I can’t say for sure without hearing you but I suspect this might play a part.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...