Teacher Reaction + Analysis – Dimash Kudaibergen – SOS d’un terrien en détresse

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59 thoughts on “Teacher Reaction + Analysis – Dimash Kudaibergen – SOS d’un terrien en détresse”

  1. Miguel Kalshoven

    Hi, with all due respect, would you consider to listen to the performance first in one piece and then review or comment in a second round please? I understand what you are doing but it is kind of annoying to rewind or forward every new tone or note you hear for the first time. ….. Again I have no intention to insult you whatsoever, but if you are going on the Dimash trip, be prepared because this performance is just foreplay for Dimash. You have no idea what DK is capable of! Enjoy the ride! ♡ ♡ ♡

    1. Miguel Kalshoven

      RnB Singing Lessons Hi, I genuinely appreciate your response! ♡ And now let us, Dimash addicts, see how you become enchanted as well by his voice!

  2. Another vocal coach pointed out that part that sounded edited. In no way does it take away from Dimash’s talent and skills, but this show has shown that they have used editing during performances. Love it all the same.

  3. Another vocal coach again guys until I hear from an acclaim professional university tell me about Dimash’s vocal ability I will not be listening to these so called vocal coaches with little to no professional training. And for your info this is a competition how are they allowed to use autotune or to be edited. Get Real.

    1. RnB Singing Lessons

      All competitions such as idol, the voice, x factor use pitch correction. This is not taking away from Dimash. It is just a comment on the producers choice to use this effect.

    2. Jacinda Lacroix

      RnB Singing Lessons Don’t worry, many people think it’s autotune or lip sync. Here’s a live performance of Dimash singing at a dinner in Cannes Film Festival:

      Here’s another one of him at a concert:

      He changes this song a little bit every times he performs to proof he’s singing live.

      By the way, this is a competition of established singers. So the do edit it if needed to protect the singers’ reputation. But it doesn’t mean that they all need to be edited. Some singers don’t need edits. The final performance is always live with no edit so it’s nice.

    3. correction made after competition when they release the video, no correction at actual competition. but your first “not sure” was wrong, its him

  4. I hate when people with untrained ears get overly offended and defensive when it comes to Dimash! He’s my favorite singer of all time but I’m not so naive to say there is no post editing on the singer, cause unfortunately there is. Sohyang as well. I saw her performance of I Have Nothing from a fan cam and you could hear the difference from the one the show posted. However it was still incredible and honestly didn’t need the edits. Never once did this man say Dimash is not a good singer, that he wanted the effects, or even that he needs them to hit the notes, so calm down people!! On a more positive note though there are plenty of truly live and unedited videos of Dimash out there to showcase how truly talented he is and that he doesn’t NEED the effects THE SHOW puts on the performances!

  5. corkysierra12

    Hello to Dimash world! In this competition among Cinese professionals, nothing was edited, it was his real voice. He can reach very high pitch like nobody else. To top this, he was only 22 years old , the youngest competitor. I love Dimash , very special and multitalented young artist. Thank you, thank you for your professional reaction.

  6. Kanipa Abeldinova

    Простите, сначала, по-моему, нужно прослушать пение целиком и только потом останавливать чуть ли не на каждой ноте или фразе. Я согласна с комментирующими, просто этот человек делает себе имя на Димаше, т.к. просмотрел сумасшедшее количество просмотров пения Димаша и огромное количество реакций от профессионалов до любителей по всему миру. Настоящий музыкант сразу уловит где живой голос, а где компьютерная обработка. К тому же надо было бы немного прочесть о самом конкурсе: китайцы допустили бы, чтобы певцы выступали на КОНКУРСЕ с компьютерной обработкой???. Поэтому огромный респект первым ” реакционерам”, которые искренни и профессиональны в своих суждениях. Остальное от лукавого.

    1. Рамазан Казбеков

      Kanipa Abeldinova молодец. Я не понимаю, что он говорит, поэтому думаю, что он хвалит нашего Димаша. А на деле вон оно что. Пошли они на фиг. Мы знаем, что равных Димашу нет.

  7. Those wierd sounds were created by him, there some other performances he got even wierder than this. He must have a dolphins vocal chords! Insane man..


    sohyang arirang alone
    sohyang lean on me
    sohyang dear love king of mask singer (on vimeo)

  9. I think the last part was some lag in the satellite transmission/broadcast, you can see the visual also jags a bit. The original poster of this video on the internet records this from the broadcast. Then later the official TV station gave the channel manager a no-lag version. But the first post already spread across the internet…

  10. Please ! Don’t sing in your whole life , cause it seems like the asshole’s shit …
    Unstead of trying being professional try to listen to his other lives that sound even more real Bitch!
    A bad essay … others tried but got what they need.

  11. You are so right about the edited vocals. And I’m shocked that everybody doesn’t hear this. There is a pitch correction on his voice. There is another version of this song not edited and it’s not as perfect. All these shows: the voice, the singer… are using pitch correction to make everything sound perfect. After all they are the ones putting these artists out there and making money out of it. It’s in their best interest to make them sound even more sensational.

    1. You are so full of shit! No singer sounds the same in every performance. He has performed that and many other songs live to perfection.

    2. RnB Singing Lessons

      Unfortunately you are right, most inexperienced people don’t know the difference. I like that there are shows promoting singing, but I don’t like the drama and stories and forced song options and editing.

    3. RnB Singing Lessons you are as full of shit as she is. It was NOT edited or changed in any way. He has sung this song on many occasions live and every one sounded slightly different. No singer sounds the same every time. And just an FYI, anyone who pays YOU for lessons must be tone deaf because you suck.

    4. RnB Singing Lessons

      Lol calm down. Not sure why you’re hurt, cos we already said that the singer is amazing with or without editing. It’s the producers we are pissed about, not the singer. I’ll let my students know what you think lol

    5. RnB Singing Lessons not hurt. Angry that you are putting out there that his singing is mechanically enhanced, when it isn’t. Had they enhanced his, they would have done so to the others, which they quite obviously didn’t. His vocal range encompasses 5 octaves, 4 tones and a half tone. He has sung that same song many times live, and never needed any voice enhancement. Perhaps you should do more research on him before making unfounded claims.

  12. You r literally just a stupid deaf bitch who is jealous about Dimash’s stunning technics. I’m doubting if u r a real vocal teacher cuz it sounds u suck a dick in your throat all the time and your voice cracks easily. So get the fuck out of this video channel cuz u r just a waste of human being!!!!!!

  13. Гульнар Джарасова

    все не серьезно не умеет слушать, учитель называется

  14. Please react to the South Korean singer So Hyang!!! She’s been called the female Dimash by some, not in the range of her voice (even though she can go up to an A6) but by the wow factor of her performances and her voice. Both So Hyang and Dimash are my 2 favorite singers and would love for you to react to her. I’ll list some performances down below to get you started. Prepare to be shook like you are in this video!!! Hope you enjoy ^_^
    Bridge Over Troubled Water: ()
    Lean On Me (Even Michael Bolton was shook): ()
    Arirang Alone: ()
    I Have Nothing: ()
    Dream: ()

  15. Dimash is just that good. 6 octaves
    I have to say that particularly at the beginning, you made the video be more about “Can I hit those notes, too?” rather than, “Listen to that kid sing!” Want to hear something totally different from him? The Show Must Go On

    1. RnB Singing Lessons

      I use my voice as a reference for comparison of the difficulty amd technique that the singer is doing. Helps to analyse 🙂

  16. Alinka Forgetit

    я пересмотрела у себя этот ролик несколько раз там и близко нет этогот дребезжания электроники-пусть автор пересмотрит другую запись. Как мы помним по песне Рассвет там вообще звука нет и все зависает

  17. the language is French,not Kazack…I saw him in Paris,and I can tell you that his voice was not editer,so you are wrong. What you hear on this video,its what i have heard on stage.So i don’t know what kind of teacher you are,but you are wrong,on many level.Their was an other Russian singer,with the same voice,his name is VITAS….YOU SHOULD TRY TO LISTEN to him…..

  18. This kid’s amazing and his voice its real,he has been singing since the age of 4,and came from a family of singers,and musiciens..The great thing,about Dimash,is the he was born with that kind of voice,just like Mascellito Pomoy..Its well known that most Philipino people are able to do dual voices.That’s just who they are,,,

  19. By the way,don’t hold a gruge on me,but even i’m not a singer,I grew up in the Opera wold my dad been a Tenor for 40 years,I spend lots of times watching Opera,and symphonie performances…..

  20. Данияр Сабырбаев

    he doesnt have edited voice. I think its record error, or TV record error. U must see Opera 2

  21. Please please please.. react to Sohyang – Bridge Over Troubled Water. I promise i will subscrice your channel. Thanks..

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