Soprano Singing Lesson

Soprano Isobel Lane working with vocal coach John Paul Miles;
John Paul teaches in London and Berlin!

24 thoughts on “Soprano Singing Lesson”

  1. bryllee baniga

    hi! i’m a baritone. can you help me become a better bass coz im a baritone
    trained in bass, i can reach low note until E but there seems to be no
    depth in my low notes. What do you think should i do? Can you post a video
    regarding my problem?

  2. Try singing the low notes in ‘vocal fry’ before attempting full voice. You
    can’t force the voice down but if it wants to go down then it will respond
    to the ‘vocal fry’ exercises.

  3. You’re welcome. Many teachers neglect female chest voice development and
    therefore female classical singers often sound constricted around the
    middle C. Isobel had never sung in pure chest register before so it has
    taken a long time to finally release this area of her voice. I’m glad you
    have found these exercises helpful.

  4. @JussiPaul hi I am a countertenor and I have no problem singing up to High
    D6 in Full Voice (underdeveloped “female like” cords) but then can not
    reach the E6 natural??? Do you have any advice. For example I can sing Bel
    Raggio very very well. (Joan Sutherland Version)

  5. I would have to hear you before I could comment. My aim in teaching is to
    release the natural voice. Range extension is usually the end result but it
    is not the primary concern.

  6. im a soprano singer but not the very sharp kind. how do i improve in my
    pitch without screeching. then alibiing has being a challenge to me. how do
    i improve pllls.

  7. Pitch can only improve once the voice is in good health but for now you can
    make sure that you think the pitch before singing. Most singers sing first
    then adjust but if you can develop an inner voice then this will really
    improve the voice that the audience hears. One should also pre-think the
    vowel and intensity.

  8. Hey I’ve been told I have a soprano voice by people but not really sure. I
    have had no voice lessons, but I feel they would benefit me greatly. Could
    u help me?

  9. Thank you so much Paul! This is very helpful for the “high” voiced people,
    that just started! You teach great techniques, for example I didnt know
    that the way I move my chin can impact the sound! So thank you very much! (=

  10. Caroline X. Liu

    Hello Mr Paul, I am 14-years-old and am a high lyric coloratura soprano
    that leans more towards soubrette voice quality than dramatic. I know that
    this is quite an early age to start learned light opera arias, but I enjoy
    them immensely and I don’t feel uncomfortable when singing them. My range
    is from C4 through F6 but my tessitura is G4 through C6. I have sung O Mio
    Babbino Caro, The Queen of Night aria, Saper Vorreste amongst others. I was
    wondering if you could recommend some tips as so I don’t ruin my voice and
    some other nice arias of similar type, not necessarily in English. Thank
    you for your time!

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