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Learn to sing with Backing Tracks…the unsung hero of developing singers.
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All of us have done it. We hit play on our favourite new song and we sing along with the artist, mimicking and emulating their every note. This can be a great way to familiarise yourself with a new tune, but if you always practice with the original artist’s voice in the track you could be doing yourself and your vocal development a great disservice. So, today we’re going to talk about backing tracks (karaoke tracks) and their awesome benefits.

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10 thoughts on “Singing with Backing Tracks | Karaoke Tracks the Unsung Hero | #DrDan”

  1. this is so true, there are so many youtube cover videos of people that when you hear them sing you can totally pinpoint who their favorite singer is because they sound exactly like them. Even nowadays so many famous singers sound alike, like they are cloned.
    There are exceptions of course, of wonderful artists that have very distinctive voices or ways of singing that are really unique

  2. When I’m not gigging, I attend Karaoke oftentimes to road test a new tune. With Karaoke tracks I have found brand is key. Some tracks can be way off from the original.

  3. I found karaoke tracks a great way to explore my range, best keys, etc. Once I was confident with my range, I could transpose on guitar to my best key if needed, to expand my set list.

  4. Why is it so hard for me to sing with backing tracks?. Im 100% in key with out them although for covers when a backing track is needed im off key here and there. Advice?

    1. Backing tracks are not always in the same key as the original, one needs a karaoke software to change the key of the song to a key you can sing in. Eg. Buddy Holly played many songs in A dur but with a capo on 5th guitare fret, therfore changeing the key of the song from A to D dur. If you get the karaoke track to a song like, ” That will be the day” it will probably be in A dur, but the record is played in D dur, so they will not match, and your natural singing voice maybe between A and D dur.

  5. I record with both backing tracks and original recordings, and my experience mirrors your comments. But my question has to do with a problem I have with both, in that I may be able to sing a song reasonably well a cappella – while taking a walk or putzing around the house – but once I hit the “Record” button, I feel compelled to control my voice so I don’t “muck it up”, which I then, of course, proceed to do, in the sense that while I may be on pitch, I sound strained, lacking the freedom extant when I was simply singing “for fun”.

    Any suggestions for how to approach recording with a mentality that allows my voice to do what it’s shown itself to be capable of?

    Much obliged


    1. Thanks for the quick reply, Dan.

      This might give you some idea of what I’m on about

      These are very bare boned recordings (stating the obvious), and while I’m not in a state of severe depression over the results, I know empirically that I can do better, and it frustrates me no end not to evince that for posterity.

  6. Hi Dr Dan, another cool video. 🙂 I have been playing the acoustic guitar for a while now and I have just started using karaoke backing tracks as I have found it very hard to find any musicians that want to play the music I like. ( good old 50s rock n roll ). I believe that like having a natural talking voice key, one also has a natural singing key and that singing above or below the natural personal key can be a big strain on the vocal cords. when singing with a musical instrument, band or with a karaoke playback it is important to match the music key to the voice and not the voice to the music, therefore if people are going to use karaoke or backing tracks they should have a software that they can use to change the key of the track. Just singing along with youtube tracks, that may be in the wrong key, could damage or strain the vocal chords. I did a lot of things wrong when I started singing and have probaly damaged my vocal chords for life.

  7. Good advices, thank you Dan. What about making a set up for live performance with backing tracks / what one singer needs in order to perform live, assured that technically he will sound decent (what kind of equipment you need, and how you set it up)? Is it possible at all to use free backing tracks for live gigs (quality 160 – 320 kbps) and align them through mixer? Thank you.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...