Singing Tips – Why Don’t I Sound Good and How to Sing Better

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40 thoughts on “Singing Tips – Why Don’t I Sound Good and How to Sing Better”

  1. You were right i sing the G badly like you said, so how do i correct the
    way i sing the G and sing it perfectly like you ?

  2. I thought the NG was easy, buuuuut, I had a horribly nazily voice before i
    kicked myself out of that XD ( as much as I could )
    and I learned singing as a smooth thing XD
    but I still have probleeeemssss

  3. why is it that a lot of people who come up to me in the streets and say I’m
    good, but when I record myself I sound weird?

  4. my problem is singing in a microphone I sing too low and I can’t stop my
    lips from trembling? stage fright right? that’s my guess or that I’m just
    not doing it right maybe I’m just too excited that I tremble lol. oh and
    BUSTED did it xP

  5. damn I wish I could find a good teacher for me man, I’m in a hard rock band
    but struggle with high notes and keeping it steady, I can sing the low
    notes, and shit but nothing to straining if that makes sense if anyone
    knows of a goof teacher in Texas tell me pleasseeee

  6. sehun is my dad

    I can hit the notes when I hum, but when I actually sing words it sounds
    weird and I can’t do that vibrato thing

  7. Wicked, I’ve been searching soo long for this, I can hit notes, but I am
    VERY choppy, Never realized I had to stay in tune… bahaha

  8. ines ben abes

    People tell me all the time I’m a good but I recorded myself singing and I
    was freaked out. And that’s the reason I’m checking this video …. well
    turned out I can sing although I didn’t perfect the first exercice. I keep
    losing my voice when I hit a high note . ? what should I do ?

  9. Renz michael Bautista

    Guys please help me how can I buy this singing program I don’t have credit
    card only money

  10. Charles John Fritz Sombilon

    This maybe out of topic but I’m really itching to say this. You look like
    Peter Parker in punk mode😂

  11. HELP!!! I do the ma ma ma with neutral larinx and without tension but when
    I go high mi throat hurts

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