Singing Tips – How To Sing – Tension vs Strain

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42 thoughts on “Singing Tips – How To Sing – Tension vs Strain”

  1. sometimes when i hold higher notes for a long time, i get a little light
    headed, even without straining. any explanations why? (and i’m looking for
    more than just “you’re doing it wrong”)

  2. AReal Conductor

    Oh my lord, that’s atrocious. Can’t you hear how out of tune your G/G# was?
    Dreadful. Jaw down in front, tongue slighly open/downward rounded in back,
    pencil eraser space between your molars – you don’t have enough of a
    resonance chamber opened, which is causing all sorts of problems. You’re
    also fixated on the larynx too much; as if we had conscious control over
    it. Think more about how your breath supports itself, like a bagpipe, not
    the “tension, ” “compression” or approximation of the folds.

  3. Thank fuck you explained this to me, i felt for the longest time I’d never
    be able to sing cause everyone says “you should never feel anything in your
    throat it should be tension free” argh how i hate my old vocal coach so

  4. Ok guys, please help me, I am 16 and I have been singing for about 8
    months, however, there is no progress, my voice also cracks on powerful
    high notes like Shawn Mendes’ song, “Show Me”. Is the cracking due to
    puberty or no? I would REALLY APPRECIATE some tips or some advice. Thanks

  5. Thank you for this video Jesse. Support is key indeed, no matter whatever
    genre or style of music you are doing – some necessary tension is needed
    for a fuller sound.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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