Singing Tips 27: How to Sing with Emotion

Hey Guys! Happy Friday! So Singers and Singerettes this week i talk about how to sing with emotion. I talk about what it is. I teach you how to do it with several styles. I teach you the importance of singing to “one” and so much more. Check it out and enjoy! 🙂 Dave


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42 thoughts on “Singing Tips 27: How to Sing with Emotion”

  1. Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling

    I find visualization to be very good. Also I listen to how different
    artists have interpreted a piece. Sometimes one artist might be able to
    squeeze out a subtle nuance of emotion that another might have missed.

  2. Thanx bro helpd me alot i m learning singing not by a trainer by myslef so
    i was needing how to sing vid emotion but now i got my ans tahnk u very
    much 🙂

  3. I never leave YouTube comments, but this is well deserved of one! Thanks a
    lot mate, cleared a lot up for me, now to get my geeeeeetar and try this
    out ;-)!

  4. PunkrRockCraver

    cool, very understandable 🙂 And when you said to think of a singer or
    band, i thought of Chevelle myself. Pretty ironic! good vid, thanks!

  5. Elizabeth Higgins

    i just ran across your videos and i absolutely love them. thank you so
    much! i think in some areas you’re more helpful than my vocal coach:)

  6. so are dynamics more important than using scoops and stuff? so it sounds
    like using “bird chirp” style noises that make it be “emotional” … i
    don’t really care about emotion, but I want to make money haha.

  7. Just have to apply empathy 🙂 Imagine what would the person feel, how would
    you feel if something like “asd” happened to you. Don’t be afraid to use
    your imagination :D!!

  8. I’m singing ‘Deh vieni non tardar_ (susanna’s aria) from marriage of
    figaro. Tyring so hard using the tips in ur video. I feel there is only one
    emotion in the song , so how do u keep it from being boring and the emotion
    still there? also…thank u so much fo ur videos!!

  9. If you cannot sing with any emotion automatically, then singing is probably
    not for you. Or you’re singing songs that doesn’t mean anything to you
    because If a song does your emotions will show in your face and voice.

  10. Christopher Gambol

    Emotion is tied to the words and honestly expressing those words. Trying to
    layer on “emotion” on top of the words to London Bridges is meaningless, as
    there is no particular feeling in those words. Its totally false – there is
    no emotion to convey and it just sounds like you are making stuff up to fit
    a style. Slopping some cliché vocal Country-style curlicues does not equal
    authentic emotions. You just sound inauthentic and frankly a bit nuts.

  11. Sabrina Dion-Groleau

    One of the best songs that i find describe signing with emotion is i don’t
    wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith, its probably one of the rock songs with
    the most emotion into it wich makes it so unique.

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