Singing Mastermind Singing Lesson – Dog Pant

An original SingBabySing® singing lesson to develop the diaphragm muscle (controls breathing for singing & speech). More singing lessons are coming soon so check out

44 thoughts on “Singing Mastermind Singing Lesson – Dog Pant”

  1. so this is one of the best strengthening exorcises around. I don’t get much
    out of hissing, this really hits the spot. When ever I get cramps in my
    abdomen, like when I run, it gives me great relief to kinda squat, like a
    plie. Thank you so much for your videos.

  2. hi.. I’m just wondering if my singing is wrong? My sister always tell me
    that whenever I sang, I always make the words sound like I have so many air
    intake? Kindly pls. help me

  3. this is so fuckin’ hilarious! she even put her hands up to imitate dog
    paws!!! roflmfao, i almost want to throw a bone at her…but, she probably
    knows what she’s doing…

  4. I apologize for taking SO LONG to answer you. This major move I did this
    year really threw off my rhythm a bit, but now I am back and eager to help
    people with their voices. The short answer to your question is that both
    are equally important and both depend on the other one for development of
    the voice.

  5. I’m hoping to offer lessons on line in the next few months. It’s taking me
    a long time to get this in gear because I have no one to help me with the
    tech stuff. But I’ll keep plugging away at it so thanks.

  6. I do I do I do know what I’m doing and I’m trying my best to help you do it
    too! I’m be as silly as I can if it helps other people figure out how to
    sing the way they want to. I’m glad you laughed.

  7. You are welcome even though it took me so long to answer you. Sorry about
    that but hope you continue coming back to my site because I’m getting back
    into making more videos soon.

  8. wow…i dont remember posting that comment saying that you look kind of
    dumb…that means someone is hacking me…so im sorry…i would never say
    something like that

  9. @olhavracsiul – I understand your concern, but when doing these exercises,
    like any other exercise, it takes time to build up the muscle strength and
    balance. I assure you that what I do is not toxic!

  10. @marcoalamillo93 start by strengthening your middle voice (where it is
    comfortable) and then gradually add a few notes higher and lower during the
    week. I have more info too…..also, I think your voice is very nice. I
    listened to your “billionaire” video.

  11. marcoalamillo93

    @singbabysing hello which is the middle voice? the problem is that I never
    took singing lessons and i only know what I haved learned by myself. many
    people tell me I need to open more mouth to sing? what is that for? by the
    way thanks for whatced my video(:

  12. Laughter is the best muscle builder for singing and I’m glad that you
    couldn’t take me seriously. That means there’s hope for the world! Enjoy
    and never take anything too seriously. You may enjoy another video I did
    for Singing Mastermind that will probably make you laugh too. There is a
    singingmastermind YouTube channel for that too and you can also check out
    laughter from my shower singing lesson on my singingmastermind website
    under the “Free Quick Tips” link. Enjoy more laughter there!

  13. Laughter is always good for the voice so I’m glad this made you laugh! But
    the breathing part is important too. Extremely important, in fact, so
    keeping laughing and see if you can do this while you’re laughing! Enjoy.

  14. Pursue singing but don’t neglect educational research, and attend school sincerely Education is important as a result of, given the unpredictable path of a profession in singing, you’ll be able to’t rely on it completely.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...