Singing Lessons – Warm Up Your Voice Without Scales

Need to warm up your voice, but have no piano or mp3 player about….no worries! watch this video and you will always be able to warm up your voice ready for singing.

Project Your Voice! – In this singing lesson Learn to feel that your tone is forward and exercising it daily with this in mind will transform your voice, especially if your sound is throaty or lacks projection. In this video you learn the tools for a forward tone, a projected voice.

Feel free to copy and paste the practice list below and incorporate it into your daily vocal practice routine 🙂


Hi Guys this is vocal coach Dylan, so here is the order in which I normally will warm up my voice. The breathing ssssssss and ssSSssSS exercises I will do first or after some trills, as I have done in the video, but ideally you should do these first as they wake up the breathing muscles. So here is the order in which to do them:

1) Breathing sssssssssssss: Correct breathing should be observed, the lower back should firm a little pushing out, and down. The lower belly should move in smoothly at the same time, and the sssss should be smooth and even in sound.

2) Breathing pulsing ssSSssSS

3) Breathing sssssssss (this should be smoother and longer lasting than the first time around, if not go back to number 2).

4) Descending slides (start small comfortable range and slowly increase that range). Remember never over stretch the voice!

5) Rollercoasters. They are also called Sirens, again start in a small comfortable range and slowly increase that range as the throat/voice opens up.

6) Trill between two notes (anywhere in your range that is comfortable). Start slowly and then speed up, focus on the 2 pitches being in tune, doing this on an m hum is great as you can really focus on the resonance staying on the lips with the same amount of buzz, this will help the 2 pitches to blend.

7)Trill or Hum a Song: Do your chosen warm up sound over a song melody, start on an easy song for you, do this slowly to start with, then do it faster and faster, also start softly/ quietly and then increase the loudness. Then do a song that has a bigger range, remember never to push the voice, let it open up through good vocal technique.

Your voice should feel warmed up now, if you feel like you need more than do it again! A warm up should be anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, really you should go until your voice feels like it’s ready to sing i.e. feels responsive when you are singing.

I hope that you found this helpful, if you can think of any other way that I can help you to sing better then please leave a comment below, subscribe or check out my website as you may find the answer there.
This is vocal coach Dylan…take it easy yo!

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7 thoughts on “Singing Lessons – Warm Up Your Voice Without Scales”

  1. Great video!
    I use to have a present voice years ago and over the last few years it has
    become quiet, very weak, tense, strained and keeps breaking (going Silent)
    if I sing a song I have to rest my throat it hurts, after a couple tries it
    clears and smooth’s out a little before it goes all together, I have heard
    that chewing gum or sucking a fruit sweet can help lubricate for singing do
    you think this could help? or have you any other tips please.
    best wishes Paul :)

  2. I gotta say, I love your videos, you are awesome. I hope there will be more
    of those videos in the future :D

  3. Today greater than ever, there are tons of learning tools (books, CDs, DVDs, and so forth.) that can enable you sing higher and sound wonderful.

  4. Contact StagePro Academy for Singing Lessons in Warrington or alternatively, book below and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable time.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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