Singing lessons Vocal Warm Up Exercises Soprano Range

Warm up singing lesson focused entirely on vowels and their smooth transitions.

This singing lesson is meant to be done from beginning to end. Nice and easy to start, with easy scales and vowels progressively getting more and more challenging.

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Thanks for watching and enjoy this and the other videos!

2 thoughts on “Singing lessons Vocal Warm Up Exercises Soprano Range”

  1. Christina Sofina

    Hi Jeff!
    As always, excellent warm ups!! I do them daily.
    My story sounds something like this: I’ve always worked on my lower
    notes/chest register and as a result I got good ‘lowes’ and weak ‘highs’.
    So I sound good in songs like this:
    but in
    this one (particularly in chorus)
    I sound pretty weak.
    Could you give me some advice on how to train for a powerful, strong, loud
    high register singing, (for example Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Jesse J style),
    or could you please make a video on it? Thank you so much for your channel,
    I’m sure it helps not only me but hundreds of aspiring singers!
    Thank you!


  2. +Aurora Storm Thank you for your kind words and thanks for watching! Unless
    there are environmental factors ie., you have started to smoke, work in a
    loud environment where you have to shout all day then you’re mostly out of
    practice and your voice, once back in shape, will respond similarly to how
    it did before. The greatest impediments to this will be lifestyle including
    dedicated time to practice. Sleep and stress will also contribute to your
    voice not responding well, and if those are factors then they will need to
    be accounted for too.

    Keep me posted on how things progress! If questions come up, consider
    joining me for my live Q & A that happens on Saturdays at 6pm GMT. If you
    can’t join us live, you can always check the archive. I addressed a similar
    question to this just last week! Here’s a link to next week’s event.


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