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40 thoughts on “Singing Lessons / Vocal Diet / Improving Tone / Lip Roll vs Tongue Trill”

  1. You can do them sitting 🙂 All you have to do is sit straight and place
    yourself at the edge of your chair.

  2. Phil Moufarrege

    Build your resonance which builds pitch, tone, colour and power. keeping
    the ribs expanded, cutting back the air as I ascend and I vocalize on a
    bright AHH vowel in training, which the brightness causes the voice to
    grow. there is a specific way to do it.

  3. Phil Moufarrege

    Volume will change whether you are singing chesty or in a lighter tone. If
    you want to sing quieter, you will naturally have to bridge into head
    earlier. You can learn to mix the tones so that your lighter head tone has
    some chestiness. this way you can sing lighter without sounding TOO WEAK.
    You need to learn how to keep the ribs expanded and cut back the air. there
    is more to it also I can’t fit it here.

  4. Phil Moufarrege

    Building the resonance by keeping your ribs expanded, aiming the sound in
    the soft palate and cutting back the air. also training your scales on a
    very bright AH vowel, the brightness and ping grows the resonance. Msg me
    if you’re still having trouble

  5. Thavinaash Ramany

    Hi there….I am having trouble singing because I have mucus in my vocal
    chords….I cant sing high like before…I really hope singing success have
    any method or exercise to get rid of that lump of mucus in my vocal
    chords….I need your help Singing Success…pls help me!!

  6. Hi Brett, I have a question. I can sing songs that have high notes in them
    when I don’t have an audience.. but when it comes to performing with many
    people it becomes very hard to reach the high notes and I think me being
    conscious with the people watching makes me hold back. How can I relax
    myself so that I wouldn’t have to hold back on hitting high notes? By the
    way Singing Success Program Rocks.

  7. Syaeful Anwar

    I’ve been using your singing success program for 4 days. I;m working on
    lesson 1 now. But I have difficulties in doing the lip rolls on 5 tone
    scale, the first bridge is my biggest problem, however when it comes to the
    second bridge I can easily access my head voice without break. How should I
    overcome this problem? I can access the head voice easily when I do the lip
    rolls on octave scale, and the lip trills exercises. And another big
    problem is the nay, nay, nay exercise. Please help me.

  8. Plz Brett, m havin problems with accessing my head voice. Wen i do d yawn,
    my voice breaks in the middle.

  9. I know for me I’ve learned that when I know I’m about to sing the next day,
    I avoid any dairy product and anything that’s white to pasta. Those affect
    my voice and it really does cause flem.

  10. 4 days, well maybe give it a bit longer, and the issue might iron out. I
    had a lot of issues with nay nay and the later n-oo-uh exercise. A lot was
    down to my speech technique, the pronunciation made it difficult for me to
    keep up. Either way, as your voice develops and strengthens, these will all
    become easier. I’ve been using this program for around 7 years and now all
    of that is a breeze, it all takes time (I promise that if you do it daily
    it won’t take the full 7 years though!)

  11. pAWNproductionsDE

    i get that you really shouldnt make your voice louder than it should
    because it might damage your voice, but as a rock/metal singer, being quiet
    really isnt an option sometimes. how can i boost the volume of my singing
    without straining and/or damaging my voice? also, are there ways to clear
    my throat (in the mornings or if i simply have phlegm in my throat) without
    damaging my voice? because i feel like im scratching my voice every time i

  12. Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate that. Now, I have been
    working on lesson 3, so I’ve spent 17 days practicing. And now, nay nay nay
    is not a problem. The new problem arises however, which is no, no, no
    exercise, Bret says that no,no,no should be easier to connect our chest
    with head register, but I break all the time. On the contrary, when I do
    the nooa, nooa, nooa exercise, it seems way easier to me, I can access the
    head voice effortlessly and automatically without thinking.

  13. Brett I hve a question,Does Bruno Mars use his head voice whn he sings
    Grenade?I tried singing the song,but I felt weird,whn I first started the
    song,I had to use my mixed,for my chest voice couldn’t hit the notes,whn it
    came 2 chorus my voice had completely changed into full head voice,tht
    there’s no way 4 me to add more volume.But,whn I listen to Bruno singing,he
    sounds like he uses his mixed to hit the high notes in the
    chorus,pwerful.Is it my technique or is it Bruno’s voice tht’s unusual?

  14. It’s you who decides how long it is, you can do it for 1 full year or 20
    years, because we should never stop practicing. However, if you follow
    Brett’s instruction, one week per lesson and there are 12 lessons, 6
    lessons on technique and another six on style. So, it’s about 84 days, less
    than 3 months.

  15. i have been told i have acid reflux is this really bad for singers? does
    stressing about my voice affect it if so how do i calm down and stop
    worrying about it? also how do i talk without damaging my voice thankyouuu!

  16. Tonester Hamster

    I am a progressive metal singer and although most of the time I sing, I add
    a little growls and screams too. Does screaming and growling diminish your
    voice on the whole? Or does it help in one way or the other?

  17. this guy knows what he’s talking about.. i don’t get all the bad comments
    about him and his methods as a vocal coach. but about taking a phone call
    during a private lesson… well.. that’s a different issue.

  18. rey jhon regis

    i find nay nay nay exercise too difficult. ikept on forcing my voice to do
    it and i feel that my throat aches.
    how should i properly do it?

  19. I tend to strain my voice when going into a higher range and you can hair
    the two ranges separate . the strain is obvious. How do I transition more

  20. worldchangeeeeeeer

    Hi there. I’m struggling to understand what the guy says from 3.53 to 3.57.
    Can anyone help? I’m trying to learn English but this one’s hard. Thanks.

  21. Hamid reza Moeeni Ara

    please tell us more about breathing
    do we need to breath with our abdomen ?
    and more about support :(((
    thank you

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...