Singing Lessons – Vocal Coach (Lesson 1 – Breath)

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Breath Lesson (57min extended). Watch Now!

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41 thoughts on “Singing Lessons – Vocal Coach (Lesson 1 – Breath)”

  1. Who are you? I mean that politely. I mean are you a voice teacher for
    classical singers? I was just wondering.. I used to study voice many years
    ago and now I only sing at church. I would like to get advice in how to
    sing now that I am older so I don’t get an old lady wobble. Do you know
    about focusing the notes inside your head? My voice teachers used to help
    me with focusing the tones inside my head. I am asking because it says you
    teach on Skype. Thank you.

  2. Hayden Whitfield

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  3. man, I found this way to late. I really want to learn how to develop my
    voice. My friend (she is an indie artist.) told me I have a great voice but
    because I’m so shy, I hold back… I subscribe and I hope that with your
    lessons I can become a master cx for my friend! thank you for the video

  4. If you focus when you are normally breathing you will see we all breath
    from our diaphragm especially when we are sleeping so its obviously natural
    and not at all difficult to do the same when singing.

  5. Thanks for your instructions – I hope to be able to carry a tune a bit
    better for singing along with my musician son.Good clear instruction,
    informed, opened and honest and always fond of the Aussie accent…..(and
    by the way, at 3 minutes 20 seconds comments – you ARE a pretty site.)

  6. Jiana Wessel Music

    Yes yawning is normal in the beginning with these exercises, because you
    are really opening the back of the throat. Since most people are not used
    to this, (also known as lifting the soft palette when you sing) it will
    trigger a yawn. Oh and the soft palette is what’s connected to your uvula.

  7. Khimberly Grogan

    I’ve always gotten confused of what to do when they said breath through
    your diaphragm, but after seeing this I realised I’ve been doing it for
    years! Thanks for the video, it really helped.

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    found it on google) without a doubt the best idea i’ve tried.

  9. Hi I love your video, particularly your ideas in the second half for best
    singing websites
    . Something I also found useful for vocal tips
    was Panlarko Sing Fast Planner – it will be on google if you need it

  10. For example, phonation only comes into perspective when it is connected with respiration; the articulators affect resonance; the resonators affect the vocal folds; the vocal folds affect breath control; and so forth.

  11. So, whereas there are a lot of out their who’ve ‘natural singing’ voices, others, resembling those that sing operatic ballads, who should not so mainstream, who dwell, breathe, eat, and discuss singing all their lives, might have a natural skill, however in addition they know and understand the ‘art of singing’.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...